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Weight loss goals achieved and maintained

When you look in the mirror does your favourite outfit not fit anymore? Do you have a special event coming up and want to feel your best? You want to get back to your ideal figure and lose a few pounds? You want to get a grip on high blood pressure or cholesterol levels for health reasons or change your lifestyle with type 2 diabetes? All good reasons for Almased!

And what better motivation for your Almased project than the successes of others? For over 30 years, Almased users have relied on the experiences of enthusiastic acquaintances, friends and relatives who have already used Almased. Let the personal success stories of our customers encourage you in your motivation and achieve your personal goal with your Almased plan.

We are interested in your story

How did you find us, what was your experience with Almased and how did your friends react?

Everyone has their own Almased story to tell. How much and how fast you lost weight is irrelevant. Every testimonial can give others the final kick to start with Almased. Did you use the Almased shake to lose those last extra pounds after pregnancy, to iron out dietary sins, or do you use Almased as a dietary supplement as part of a healthy diet? We look forward to reading your personal story!

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NHS Success Story

"Almased meal plans also helped me to become focused on my dietary intake. The good news is that I’m now more active, look 15 years younger, have radiant skin and I am loving the new me. "

Alice's Success Story
"I mix myself an Almased shake every morning and don't feel hungry until lunchtime."
Manuela's Success Story
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