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Traditional fasting is one of the oldest methods of conscious renunciation. By abstaining from solid food, the body's self-healing powers are activated, which are responsible for the increased breakdown of the body's own cellular waste. The energy needed by the body is drawn from its own reserves during fasting. However, before going to the fat stores, the glucose stores are emptied first and muscle protein is broken down from the muscles. Muscles are important for an active metabolism and sustainably ensure a higher energy requirement.
Modified liquid fasting with Almased is a good alternative to other types of fasting and provides you with all important nutrients as well as the valuable multi-component protein. This means that you are supplied with all the important nutrients even during fasting and effectively counteract the breakdown of muscles. The quick and easy preparation of the Almased shake gives you more time for relaxation exercises and yoga, so you can also do something good for your mind.

Download The Almased Four-Phase Plans Here

Week 1 and Week 2

For a 14-day fasting cure, replace all three meals at 4 - 6 hour intervals with an Almased shake. In addition, drink 2 - 3 litres of calorie-free, unsweetened beverages with sufficient fluids. Low-salt, home-cooked vegetable soup, removing the vegetables is particularly suitable, which warms you from the inside and you can drink at any time between meals.

And afterwards?

After the 2-week fasting cure you can, if you wish, change to the 2nd phase of the Four-Phase Plan and continue your fasting successes with two Almased shakes per day and reduce your weight further.
If you want to return to a normal, balanced diet, you should gently accustom your body to it. To do this, we recommend drinking an Almased shake on the 1st day in the morning and on the 2nd day in the evening, and making the other two meals easy to digest. From the 3rd day onwards, all three meals can then be composed of easily digestible foods until a balanced eating pattern has settled in.

Instructions for the preparation of the Almased shake

How to Shake
  1. Pour 200-350 ml of water, low-fat milk or unsweetened plant drink into the Almased Shaker-XL.
  2. Add the amount of Almased that best suits your individual needs.
  3. Add 2 tsp of high-quality vegetable oil (rapeseed, walnut or linseed oil).

Mix - done!

Preparing Your Almased Shake

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You don't have much time for balanced meals, but you want to supply your body with all the important nutrients? With Almased, you can reach your goal easily and with little effort. For more power in everyday life.

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