High-Quality Ingredients Are Our Highest Priority

For 30 years, we have placed great emphasis on the highest quality. This applies both to our unique manufacturing process and to the selection of our high-quality Almased ingredients.

After all, our original recipe has already been proven in many studies. Our main ingredients soya, yogurt and honey unfold their optimal effect in Almased. Our exclusive, gentle manufacturing process creates a synergistic effect between the individual ingredients. The sensitive enzymes from the bee honey remain active during the manufacturing process, allowing bioactive plant substances from the soya bean and valuable yogurt cultures to develop their full potential. This creates the unique "Almased effect". The combination in Almased of plant and animal proteins improves the biological availability of the proteins and provides the body with high-quality amino acids.

Our product should also remain as natural as possible. That is why we deliberately avoid artificial flavourings, sweeteners, preservatives and fillers, thus guaranteeing a unique and natural food whose quality you can always rely on.


Proven quality

For 30 years, we have placed great emphasis on the highest quality and effectiveness.

As natural as possible

We deliberately use NO artificial flavours, fillers, sweeteners or preservatives.

Scientifically proven

Our gentle manufacturing process and original recipe have been proven in many international studies to date.

High quality soya

For Almased, we use a high-quality soya from selected cultivation. This is regularly checked and confirmed by the laboratories of the Fresenius Institute.
Our soya comes from North America and is certified as IP non - GMO (Identity Preserved Non Genetically Modified). This allows us to guarantee consistent quality from seed to finished product. Soya protein has also been shown in many studies to have numerous positive effects on health and contributes to the unique amino acid profile found in Almased. At the same time, the combination of plant and animal protein is also crucial for the "Almased effect". Together with our yogurt, soya forms a valuable multi-component protein that is important for maintaining and building muscle. Our soya protein therefore makes a significant contribution to the protein richness of Almased. 


Valuable skimmed milk yogurt

Our yogurt supplements Almased with an animal protein source. We use valuable skimmed milk yogurt from Germany and the EU. The gentle processing during our manufacturing process ensures that natural vitamins and ingredients are preserved. In addition, the contained milk protein casein binds calcium and thus ensures a high calcium content of the yogurt. In this way, the yogurt we use provides an excellent basis for the nutrient richness of Almased. The calcium contained in Almased thus contributes to normal muscle function and a normal energy metabolism. At the same time, the combination of animal protein and the vegetable proteins of the soyabean achieves a high biological value and bioavailability of the proteins in Almased.

Enzyme-rich bee honey

Honey has been valued by many cultures for centuries as a valuable food and healing agent. This is exactly why it is so important for Almased.

Our honey comes from Central, South America and Europe and is particularly rich in enzymes. The natural enzymes are important for the Almased production process, because our honey is processed in liquid form and thus still contains active enzymes (e.g. a-glucosidase, amylases, glucose oxidase, catalase). These set a fermentation process in motion, whereby the nutrients contained in Almased are particularly well absorbed by the body. It ensures, for example, that the multi-component protein from soya and yogurt is optimally absorbed and can thus develop its full potential. In addition, bioactive peptides are created in the process.

With the proportion of bee honey, Almased has an optimal 2:1 ratio of proteins and carbohydrates. Here we benefit from the synergistic effect that also acts on the honey during our manufacturing process, so that our product has a low glycaemic index of 27.

Research: We know it works!

The effectiveness of Almased's ingredients have been continuously and intensively investigated by independent institutes and research facilities worldwide for more than 30 years. We are in constant contact with doctors, scientists and experts in diabetology and nutritional science to ensure that we are always at the cutting edge of science. Studies on the unique effects of Almased are conducted at renowned institutes such as the University of Freiburg, the West German Diabetes and Health Centre (WDGZ) and the London Metropolitan University and the University of Alberta in Canada. Our research investigates, for example, the effect of Almased on blood sugar levels, changes in body weight or liver fat, the maintenance of muscle mass or the gut microbiome. Because all of these factors influence metabolic activity and play an important role in our health.

Almased's Scientific Research

Natural taste

As a natural product, Almased has a very neutral taste and can be prepared in many different ways. Whether you like it sweet, fruity or savoury, there are no limits to your ideas. This way Almased never gets boring and you can adapt your shakes to your personal taste. Here too, place value on natural ingredients with a lower fat and sugar content. Be inspired by our recipe ideas or create your own shakes according to your preferences.

Almased Shake Recipes

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