Preparation – For the perfect mix

Prepare your Almased Shake in 3 easy steps

How it works

Thanks to the uncomplicated preparation, you can easily integrate Almased into your everyday life. Whether at home, in the office or on the road, Almased provides you and your body with a high-quality combination of nutrients in three simple steps. An Almased shake provides no empty calories, but plenty of protein with a unique combination of amino acids. At the same time, you are optimally supplied with all essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Unique effect, simple preparation: You can prepare our shakes very easily.

Simple shake variations for every day

You can prepare your Almased shake with low-fat milk (1.5%), buttermilk or an unsweetened, low-carbohydrate vegetable drink instead of water. Almond, soya, coconut or oat drinks without artificial additives are suitable. Simple ingredients such as cinnamon, sugar-free baking cocoa, vanilla pulp or other spices quickly and easily add some variety to your shake. Ofcourse, fresh herbs such as mint, basil or lemon balm are also suitable. A real insider tip? Add a few ice cubes to your shake.

More Almased Shake Recipes

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