"I love being fit and healthy again!"

Ashleigh from London

Success story of Ashleigh from London

I am now within the NHS guidelines for a healthy BMI!



I started Almased because I wanted to get back into shape after having three children within the last seven years. I wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle and set a good example to them. I followed Almased’s 14-Day Plan, making my shake with water and adding either nutmeg, cinnamon or vanilla just for a bit of variety. I really enjoyed the taste of Almased. I also made large batches of homemade soup, mostly pea and ham, red lentil and carrot, leek and potato and carrot and coriander.

For me, it was very easy as it fit into my life as a mother and professional. In the past I struggled to find time to eat breakfast so Almased was perfect for me, as it was quick, nutritious and filled me up. Once I started to see the pounds drop off and my clothes fit better, I caught the bug and loved it! After the 14-Day Plan, I continued by replacing two daily meals along with a healthy main meal consisting of fish or chicken. I also stopped drinking alcohol. I lost 2 stones in 14 weeks and have never felt better. I have also started swimming and I find Almased to be a perfect meal either pre or post exercise.

I love being fit and healthy again, especially being able to buy clothes that are a size 10! I am incredibly proud of my achievement and it’s all thanks to Almased. Most importantly, I am now within NHS guidelines for a healthy BMI, which is fantastic! I still have an Almased shake every day for breakfast and often for dinner when I go swimming. I have also inspired some of my friends, who have also started using Almased. This makes me feel even better!

* Remember weight loss is personal and results may vary

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