Values, visions and a glimpse into the future

We live our values to realise our vision

What moves us

Our success story began over 30 years ago at our kitchen table in Bienenbüttel, and today we are an internationally active company and market leader in Germany.

What hasn't changed in 30 years? We remain a small family business and have the vision to make the world a little bit better. We want to help people achieve their individual goals through a healthy diet. To achieve this, quality, empathy and effectiveness are our top priorities. In realising our vision, we act together as the Almased family, with love for our products and our customers, always guided by our values.

One product - one brand - one promise

The roots of our company lie in naturopathy and continue to shape our products and our dealings with our users to this day. Therefore, the three principles of naturopathy are also reflected in Almased: naturalness, effectiveness (healing) and competence (knowledge).

These basic pillars of our products are supplemented by another very important element of our brand: empathy. As a company, we are empathetic in our dealings with each other and our customers and not only help them professionally, but through our personal approach and benchmark customer service.


family / supportive / value-oriented

As a family-run company whose origins lie in a scientifically holistic approach, we strive to support our users in the best possible way with personal nutritional advice. Our motivation is always to do good with Almased.


scientific / future-oriented / qualified

At Almased, we use our medical science expertise coupled with the latest clinical research to participate in the creation of knowledge, that plays an important role in the functioning and optimisation of metabolic processes. Such findings, together with our nutritional expertise guarantee unrivalled, qualified advice for the betterment of you and your wellbeing.


working / complex / natural

Almased success lies on the synergistic effects of its natural ingredients. Simply because it works! The complexity of our wholesome raw materials matched by the effectiveness of the finished product ensures trust and reliability in each and every can.

Ann-Kathrin Trouillé:

"For us, our customers are the centre of our attention. Our product was developed by my grandfather to help his patients. This motivation has been anchored in our company DNA ever since. It always makes me happy when I hear from people how much our product has improved their lives. In the spirit of my grandfather, we support people on their way to a healthier life with a product that you can really stand behind. It makes me proud to be able to carry on my grandfather's legacy with my father. I know what I get up for every morning. Because I firmly believe that with our product we can help many more people around the world to live healthier and happier lives."

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