It wasn’t hard – and I have already managed to lose over a ¼ of my starting weight.

Anika from Brackel

Success story of Anika from Brackel

Almased and determination – a formidable team



This photo was taken when I weighed just under 16 stones. When I saw it, something clicked in my brain, so I changed my eating habits, choosing a salad over pizza and drinking Almased® in replace of sweet things. I didn’t find it difficult, because every pound lost made me all the more determined.

I am really pleased, as I have lost over a ¼ of my starting weight. Recently, because I have been on holiday, I have put on a few pounds, so I have gone back to using Almased®. I NEVER again want to look how I did in that photograph!!!

* Remember weight loss is personal and results may vary

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