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Andrea from Boostedt

Success story of Andrea from Boostedt

Eat with a clear conscience



Lose weight after pregnancy

Before I fell pregnant I weighed just under 12 stones. At the end of the pregnancy I weighed nearly 22 stones. I tried to lose weight, but the loss was never sustainable- this went on for nearly 15 years. I heard about Almased® and started following the programme, starting with the 3 meals and then going down to replacing just 1 meal. Taking Almased® worked perfectly for me, it stopped me craving sweet things, which I had never been able to resist, no matter what diet I followed. Slowly, over the past years I managed to change my eating habits and have now lost a substantial amount of weight; I have gone from dress size 30/32 to 12/14.

* Remember weight loss is personal and results may vary

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