Four-Phase Plan

Healthy and sustainable weight loss with the Four-Phase Plan.

Lose weight healthily with our Four-Phase Diet Plan

The Almased Four-Phase Diet Plan: An ideal plan to achieve your weight loss goal over an extended period of time. Experience the 4 phases of our diet programme which will not only help you achieve your desired weight, but also help you maintain it in the long-term.

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Phase 1: Initiation Phase

During the initiation phase of the Almased 4-phase diet plan, you will replace all meals with Almased. In addition, it is recommended to consume vegetable soup as an additional meal to your three shakes. Please note: This phase should not be continued for more than 2 weeks as this will result in unhealthy weight loss. Ensure to increase fluid intake of water, unsweetened herbal, fruit or green tea during this time. This is the ideal preparation for the coming phases of the Almased 4-phase weight loss plan. Research suggests that substantial weight loss results at the beginning of a diet are crucial to long-term weight loss success. Although calorie controlled, Almased will provide you with optimal nutrition throughout the programme. The high-quality nutrition in Almased will also effectively support metabolic activity*.

*Almased contains vitamins B6 and B12 which supports metabolic activity and energy release. Zinc contributes to normal macro-nutrient metabolism.


Phase 2: Reduction Phase

During the reduction phase you will lose weight healthily and at a steady rate without compromising your overall wellbeing. Thanks to the high-quality protein in Almased, it will help you retain muscle mass while you lose weight. During this time, two regular meals (preferably breakfast and dinner) are replaced with Almased. Your other meal should be high in protein, lower in carbohydrate and rich in vegetables. This phase can last up to six weeks or until your desired weight has been achieved.


Phase 3: Stabilisation Phase

Have you reached your target weight? Now you need to maintain your success for the long-term. During the stabilisation phase you will consume two nutrient-rich regular meals and one Almased shake daily (breakfast or dinner). This phase helps to slowly accustom your body to an increase in the consumption of calories helping to support the body’s energy needs, while retaining muscle integrity and maintaining your new weight. The stabilisation phase can be continued for as many weeks as you desire.


Phase 4: The Life Phase

Although Almased is the ideal way to lose weight, it is more than just a diet. It provides important high-quality nutrition that you will want to continue taking even after successfully losing weight. Almased provides you with important nutrients in an easy-to-prepare, delicious shake that contributes to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This is why we recommend that you include a delicious Almased shake in your daily diet as often as possible. You can enjoy 50g of Almased as a go-to healthy snack during the day or pre or post exercise. What’s more, you will still be able to benefit from the unique Almased effect even after your diet has finished.

Almased is more than a food; it represents quality of life and overall wellbeing.

Instructions for preparing the Almased shake

How to Shake
  1. Pour 200-350 ml of water, low-fat milk or unsweetened vegetable drink into the Almased Shaker-XL.
  2. Add the amount of Almased that best suits your individual needs.
  3. Add 2 tsp of high-quality vegetable oil (rapeseed, walnut or linseed oil).

Mix - done!

Preparing Your Almased Shake

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Keeping the balance in everyday life

With Almased you can flexibly keep the balance and maintain your weight in the long term despite visits to restaurants, holidays and fast food.

Flexible Weight Management
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