The Almased Effect

Originated from natural healing practice

How does Almased work & what makes it so unique?

More than 30 years ago, the alternative practitioner Hubertus Trouillé developed a unique nutritional formula for the metabolism based on a holistic approach. For this, he needed only three natural ingredients: soya, yogurt and honey. From these ingredients he developed a formula consisting of specific, easily digestible proteins and a unique combination of indispensable amino acids and natural honey enzymes. To this day, this results in a holistic mode of action that cannot be attributed to individual active ingredients in the product. In Almased, a symbiosis of the individual ingredients is created that brings the body and its processes back into balance in a complex way and re-activates the self-healing powers.

The synergy-effect

The ingredients of Almased work together in a unique way. During the complex manufacturing process, the individual ingredients merge with each other and enhance their effect in combination. High-quality raw materials, a precise mixing ratio and a special production process make our product so unique and enhance the effect of the natural ingredients. If you stir together the powder form of soya protein, honey and yogurt, you are far from having the Almased effect.  

Our manufacturing process is unique

Due to the special processing during production, there is a synergistic effect. The bioavailability of the individual ingredients is improved and biologically active substances are created, so-called biologically active peptides, which have many positive properties for the body. The result is not just a shake for losing weight, but an innovative and high-quality food for your holistic well-being, with the unique Almased effect.

It depends on the ingredients

We make no compromises when it comes to our ingredients. Almased contains the highest quality soya, protein-rich skimmed milk yogurt and enzyme-rich natural honey.

The key lies in the preparation process

The gentle production process ensures that the sensitive honey enzymes remain active, that the bioactive plant substances from the soya plant and the valuable yogurt cultures can develop their full potential.

The mixing ratio

For years, we have maintained an exact mixing ratio. We attach particular importance to this. That is why our recipe has always been a secret and should remain so.

André Trouillé:

"Almased has a high social benefit. It's not about a short-term trend, because Almased has long been part of a healthy lifestyle for many people around the world."

Almased's Quality Ingredients

Almased has been scientifically tested in various institutes since 1999. Studies from many renowned universities are now available. They confirm the positive influence of Almased on body weight, various metabolic markers, performance and lifestyle factors. The study results cannot be transferred to similar products, because Almased as a product and the Almased effect are so unique.

Functioning Metabolism

7 facts that contribute to Almased results

1. Lose weight effectively


Almased was invented 30 years ago to improve metabolic function. It also helped people to lose weight. Not surprising really, because if you feed your body the right nutrients and have a functioning metabolism, your weight will also regulate itself. Later, many scientific studies measured the influence of Almased on various metabolic processes such as hunger and satiety regulation, calorie consumption (basal and performance metabolism) and fat burning. What started as a side effect became the scientifically proven number 1 product for losing weight without hunger.

2. Your muscle remains


During your diet with Almased, you can be sure that your muscle mass will remain* despite weight loss and that you will be able to break down more fat**. The unique combination of animal and vegetable protein creates a multi-component protein that is optimally absorbed by the body. The amino acids needed to maintain muscle mass can thus be better metabolised while your body focuses on burning fat.

*Proteins contribute to the increase and maintenance of muscle mass.

**Zinc contributes to normal carbohydrate and fat metabolism.



3. Supports blood sugar levels


Almased products have a low glycaemic index. This describes the low effects of Almased on blood sugar levels. Almased has been specially developed for people with type 2 diabetes and improves blood sugar levels and long-term blood sugar levels. As a result, blood sugar fluctuations can be better controlled.

4. Full of nutrients


With Almased you are well supplied. With bioactive plant substances for numerous metabolic processes, high-quality proteins from animal and plant sources that are optimally absorbed and a total of 23 vitamins and minerals, your body gets everything it needs. Completely without artificial flavours, sweeteners, fillers and preservatives, including an anti-stress formula.



5. Healthy Ageing


An Almased shake contains a unique amino acid profile with all 9 essential amino acids. Lysine, as a component of collagen, and arginine, for example, are amino acids that play an important role in the anti-ageing process. They promote the release of the youth hormone HGH. With Almased and a balanced diet, you have the best pre-requisites to counter-act the ageing process.

6. Quality of life


With most diets, the quality of life suffers due to prohibitions, restrictions and lack of nutrients. But not with Almased. You stay in a good mood and balanced, despite a negative calorie balance. With important amino acids such as glutamine and tryptophan for your mood and supplementary micro-nutrients such as vitamins B12, B5 and B6, which help to reduce fatigue, you feel good and remain resilient and focused even during your diet. This is exactly why Almased is also suitable for you. A shake can be easily and flexibly integrated into your everyday life and fits your needs exactly, whether according to a plan or completely individually. Try it out.

7. For your well-being


You think an Almased shake is only suitable for losing weight? Wrong. In over 40 scientific studies, we have been able to investigate the effects of Almased on fatty liver, blood pressure and all factors of the metabolic syndrome. In addition, the latest studies are investigating the effects of the product on the intestinal microbiome, the central control of our digestive system.

You can be sure that with a balanced diet and Almased, you can improve your quality of life and well-being on all levels.

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Through the day with Almased

Whether at home, in the office, for sports or on the go, the unique Almased effect means you are well catered for with Almased.

Small tip: The Shaker-XL and the Single Servings Almased Sachets are perfect for on the go and can be stored in your bag.

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