"The 14-Day plan is a great kick-start for weight loss while still incorporating healthy food choices."

Anne from Dublin

Success story of Anne from Dublin

Back to my younger self again

At the beginning of this year I realised my weight was taking a toll on my daily life. Carrying around that extra weight really had affected my life, every single day. Becoming healthier wasn’t about wanting to be skinny; it was to feel good and happy with myself and that’s why I decided to choose Almased. It’s been a very exciting journey over the last 4 months, watching my body change, losing those inches all while keeping my tone and muscle definition.

The 14-Day plan is a great kickstart for weight loss while still incorporating healthy food choices. I didn’t just want to lose weight but more importantly, I wanted to maintain my weight loss long-term. The Almased individual sachets and Almased shaker means that you will never be without your Almased. You can take it in your handbag and have as a snack if on the go, after a gym session or an hour before you dine out socially. 

Week by week the pounds came off, my skin has never been better, I have more energy to play with my two boys and most importantly I’m Anne again.

My next chapter now begins with maintenance of my weight loss, which I’m looking forward to... all with the help of my daily Almased.

* Remember weight loss is personal and results may vary

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