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How does Almased best fit into your life?

Almased can be used in a variety of ways and individually

Many years ago the alternative practitioner Hubertus Trouillé developed a product to activate the metabolism of his patients. After only a short time, he received many positive reports. Since then, the effect of Almased, e.g. on the energy metabolism and many other health correlations, has been scientifically investigated in co-operation with renowned institutes and universities.

Today, many still rely on Almased's proven formula - a natural product made from soya, yogurt and honey that contains a high-quality mix of nutrients to support the metabolism**. This means that Almased is still versatile and much more than just a weight loss product.

** Vitamin B12 and vitamin C support a normal energy metabolism. Zinc contributes to normal carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

On the way to your desired weight? Almased can be flexibly integrated into your life. For weight loss, as a dietary supplement for increased protein requirements, as a nutrient boost for a balanced diet and for sport, or as an optimal meal replacement for a quick meal.

Find your own individual way with Almased, simply because it works.

Do you have a specific goal in mind?

Our nutrition and diet plans support you on the way to your feel-good weight and in achieving your individual goals. Whether you want to lose a few kilos quickly or reduce your weight on a larger scale in the long term, here you will find the right plan for your path.

Almased Diet Plans

Almased and Type 2 Diabetes

The effectiveness of Almased has been proven in numerous studies. Leading diabetologists confirm: With Almased, you can lower your blood sugar level and HbA1c value. Have you been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and have an increased BMI? Then start now with our diabetes plan.


Almased Diabetes Plan

How it works

Almased provides you and your body with a high-quality combination of nutrients in three simple steps. Find out how to prepare the shakes correctly and why Almased really works.


Preparing Your Almased Shake

The Almased Type Test


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