At first I was sceptical - but now my goal is in sight!

Dagmar from Hamburg

Success story of Dagmar from Hamburg

Beginning my new life with Almased®



I was seeing cans of Almased® in pharmacy windows, New Year’s resolution for 2014… yeah yeah… just another money-spinner… or not? I picked up the brochures and read through the website. At first I was sceptical. How could this diet programme work where others had previously failed? On the first day I weighed in at 19 ½ stones. With the help of Almased® and a change in eating habits, I have nearly reached my weight loss goal. I also exercise several times a week to support the Almased® effect! Instead of needing size 54/56 trousers, I now wear size 38/40.

I want to lose a bit more, so that I can achieve my ideal weight. I am tackling this with renewed motivation and enthusiasm! At first I was sceptical, but now I can see my weight loss goal in sight!

* Remember weight loss is personal and results may vary

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