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The original made from soya, yogurt and honey with a unique manufacturing process that has proven itself for over 30 years.

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Continuous, intensive research on the effect of our products at independent institutes with leading nutrition experts.

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Whether you want to lose weight, optimise your diet or support type 2 diabetes - there are valid reasons to choose Almased.

Natural Weight Loss Shakes

More than 30 years ago, the alternative practitioner Hubertus Trouillé developed a unique nutritional formula for the metabolism based on a holistic approach. For this, he needed only three natural ingredients: soya, yogurt and honey. From these ingredients he developed a formula consisting of specific, easily digestible proteins and a unique combination of indispensable amino acids and natural honey enzymes. To this day, this results in a holistic mode of action that cannot be attributed to individual active ingredients in the product. In Almased, a symbiosis of the individual ingredients is created that brings the body and its processes back into balance in a complex way and re-activates the self-healing powers.

The ingredients of Almased work together in a unique way. During the complex manufacturing process, the individual ingredients merge with each other and enhance their effect in combination. High-quality raw materials, a precise mixing ratio and a special production process make our weight loss drinks so unique and enhance the effect of the natural ingredients. If you only powder and stir together soya protein, honey and yogurt, you are far from having the Almased effect.  

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Carole and Chris - Almased Review

"Thank you Almased for coming into our lives!"



Weight Loss Solution for Type 2 Diabetes*

We wanted a diet that worked for the both of us, especially as Chris was Type 2 diabetic. I did some research and found Almased - we have never looked back! We started with three shakes a day, along with homemade vegetable soup for the first three days and then for the following fortnight we replaced two meals with Almased. We followed the 14-Day and then the Long-Term Plan. Almased has really helped us change our lifestyle and think more about what we eat, but the most wonderful piece of news is that Chris' diabetes is now in remission and he is free from blood sugar and blood pressure medication. His doctor was very pleased with the results and asked how this happened; we told him Almased!

One of the major differences we have noticed is the vast improvement in our energy levels. Before we could fall asleep in the afternoon, but now we go for a run or a swim, something we would never have done before. Over the years we have constantly battled with our weight, but now we have finally found a diet we can actually stick to. Since starting with Almased, we have collectively lost over 10 stones; we are really proud of ourselves and continue to maintain our weight loss with the help of Almased, to this day. It’s difficult to explain, but it’s like a total feeling of well-being. We truly believe in the product. Thank you Almased!

*Kempf, K et al (2013). Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics;(2): 21-27.

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Gayle - Almased Review

"Almased® really has changed my life!"

I first came across Almased® in the pharmacy where I work. I had tried many different diets in the past, so I thought; why not give Almased® a go. I find it’s just so convenient. I take it to work with me and have it for my lunch and breakfast. It has also made me think a lot more about the food I eat.

I have recommended it to all my friends and keep telling everyone about it. I feel healthier, have a lot more energy and really feel a lot more confident in myself. It’s great knowing that I can now fit into size 12 clothes. Within 10 months, I had lost 5 stones - Almased® really has changed my life!

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Achieve healthy and effective weight loss with Almased, the No.1 selling Meal Replacement in Germany.

Our Almased Four Phase Plan and our 14 Day Figure Plan can be found in this handy downloadable leaflet.


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With Almased and our Diabetes Plan, we offer the solution for people with type 2 diabetes. In 12 weeks you can gradually lower your blood sugar level and HbA1c values.

Almased Diabetes Plan

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Almased Success Stories

"The 14-Day plan is a great kick-start for weight loss while still incorporating healthy food choices."

Anne from Dublin

Almased Success Stories

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Since Almased was founded in the 1980s, our company has been a family business. All employees and customers are part of the Almased family. With this understanding comes responsibility, which we take very seriously and live by.

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