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Almased in research

The complex inter-relationships of metabolic processes in the human organism have fascinated us from the very beginning. How our health is influenced by nutrition and how nutrition affects the effectiveness of the metabolism - these are questions that still occupy us today and to which we devote a lot of time and effort.

Continuous research and intensive exchange

The effectiveness of Almased has been continuously and intensively investigated in scientific studies at independent institutes worldwide for more than 30 years. By participating in international conferences, we ensure that we constantly expand our knowledge and make our own results available to the community.

This continuous research and exchange enables us to always advise our customers and partners according to the latest research.

Research on metabolic activity

Numerous studies on the unique effect of Almased have been conducted at internationally renowned universities and institutes such as the University of Freiburg, the West German Diabetes and Health Centre, London Metropolitan University and the University of Alberta in Canada. Our results have been published in international journals such as the International Journal of Obesity, The Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Diabetes Care.

Our research investigates the effect of Almased on body weight, hunger and satiety regulation, muscle mass maintenance and the gut microbiome. All of these factors influence metabolic activity and can play an important role in lifestyle changes in favour of effective weight management. In addition, the effectiveness of Almased on the regulation of blood sugar levels and HbA1c levels in people with type 2 diabetes has been studied for several years and its positive effect confirmed by numerous clinical results.

Current study on metabolism and fat metabolism

Recently, the results of our study at the University of Alberta in Canada on the effects of Almased on metabolism and how it affects fat metabolism were published. For this purpose, the participants spent 32 hours in a metabolic chamber. In this chamber, the breath is methodically analysed to check the effects of the daily consumption of Almased on the test participants. Our current study, which is also being conducted at the University of Alberta, is now investigating the influence of a high-protein diet with Almased on the metabolism and the composition of the intestinal microbiota. The bacteria living in the human intestine play a crucial role in the regulation of body weight, among other things. The first results of the study are expected in 2024.

"Today's science is tomorrow's technology"

Edward Teller, Physicis

The Almased Effect

Many years of experience, numerous studies and proven effectiveness. Almased is not comparable as a product and has a unique effect.

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