"I hope to put my diabetes into remission!"

Antonia from Lancashire

Success story of Antonia from Lancashire

I hope to put my diabetes into remission!

I have Type 2 diabetes and so I was becoming increasingly worried about my elevated blood sugar levels and weight gain. I was advised by my GP to lose at least 2 stones and to try a meal replacement in order to kick-start this process and control my blood sugar levels. My GP also advised that I choose a natural meal replacement, free from any added sugars. I trawled the internet and discovered Almased! I also researched the product further and seeing Almased's nourishing ingredients and accompanying positive reviews, I decided to give it a go.

I started using Almased in April 2020 and stopped after 2 months when I reached my initial 2 stones target. Lockdown put a halt to my regular check-ups so I had to wait until the end of September to have my blood sugar levels measured. Before using Almased, I had significantly high blood sugar levels however, my most recent check-up in September revealed my blood sugars were nearly at a pre-diabetic level! I was amazed and so happy that the programme had worked, I even managed to maintain the 2 stones weight loss and have re-started Almased, replacing two daily meals in addition to one balanced meal. I have now lost a further 4 lbs. 

Importantly for me, Almased has helped change my mindset; I now choose healthier foods and eat more consciously by not eating out of boredom or unnecessarily snacking. I want to lose an additional 2 stones but with the help of Almased, I know this is possible! I hope to put my diabetes into remission and most importantly, live a longer, healthier life with my family!

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