No longer wearing XXXL - thanks to my new healthier lifestyle

Markus from Reichertshofen

Success story of Markus from Reichertshofen

Bid farewell to unhealthy fat



I was having breakfast with my daughter and listening to the radio. They were reporting about a woman who was not allowed to visit her child in intensive care, because the hospital did not have a size XXXL gown. My daughter said to me - “Thank goodness you will always be able to come and see me if I was in hospital”. I had to lie and pretend that I would be allowed to see her - my little girl did not realise at the time how dangerously overweight I was.

I weighed 22 stones and my clothes size (60-62) was the same as the woman in the radio report. I had to do something! I had heard of Almased® from a former colleague and I gave it a try. It was unbelievable seeing the results on the scales. To maintain my new weight, I have been replacing my evening meal with Almased® and exercising on my cross trainer, because of my new routine I am in the best shape I have ever been in. My wife is always saying: “Almased® has given me back the man I first met.”

* Remember weight loss is personal and results may vary

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