The story behind Almased

The family business between tradition and innovation - From our kitchen table to the world

Our Story

Our story began over 30 years ago in Bienenbüttel, a small town in the north of Germany. My father, the medical scientist Hubertus Trouillé, wanted to develop a product for his patients that would improve their metabolic functions in a natural and healthy way.

"Our food should be healing, our remedies should be food."

Hippocrates, Greek physician and teacher (c. 460 BC)

Together with myself, André Trouillé, he tried a mixture of nutrients based on soya, yogurt and honey at the kitchen table until he had perfected the unique recipe and thus created our first product, which we would come to be known as Almased.

After testing it on himself, he prescribed the mixture to his patients who suffered from metabolic disorders. The results were astounding: The patients' values improved quickly and sustainably. Enthused by the success, other practitioners tried my father's formula on their patients. Here, too, the positive effects on the metabolism became apparent. As a positive "side effect", patients, who had previously struggled with weight problems, lost weight under the influence of Almased, the results of which were remarkable.

Amazing results


But metabolism does not only influence our weight and body constitution. People who consumed Almased quickly noticed an improvement in their energy levels and also reported improved positive mood and balance.

My father had not only developed a unique formula to support metabolic function, but also a product that supports well-being while helping people lose weight. Almased was never intended to be a "slimming product", but it soon became apparent that people were losing weight with Almased as a unique side effect.

We are convinced of the holistic effect of our product and have had this investigated by global scientific researchers for the last 30 years scientific studies.

From side effect to core competence


The "weight loss effect" is the best-known effect of Almased and has already converted millions of people around the world. Although initially discovered as a phenomenon at its original conception, this particular attribute has, within a short period of time, become our core competence and our flagship product.

It is also thanks to the impressive weight loss successes of the Almased community that it did not take long for Almased to establish itself as the market leader in the protein drink sector in Germany. It is therefore hardly surprising that Almased has been ranked the No.1 selling weight management and wellbeing product in Europe for the last 10 years, appreciated by our many customers for its quality and naturalness.

One family, one global group

But the Almased success story is not limited to Germany - we are now internationally established in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Austria. New markets, for example in South America, as well as the Near and Far East, are currently being established.

I am also pleased that my daughter Ann-Kathrin Trouillé has been working in the family business since 2019 and complements me in the company management to advance my father's vision of a healthier society.

As a family-run company, we have the opportunity to focus on these values and align our actions accordingly. We are very grateful for this, because our origins lie in healing practice and our vision is to help people to help themselves

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