My daughter said after seeing me fit into HER clothes. - Jennifer

It was Almased that brought back the skinny version of me



One day, I saw a picture of myself in a company team photo and thought, “Is this how everyone sees me?” I didn’t like the way I looked, and on top of that, it didn’t feel good hearing from my doctor about my labs-—my cholesterol and blood sugar levels were all off, my liver tests were bad, and I was getting closer to diabetes. I knew this would happen with age, but hearing it really depressed me. My mom, trying to reassure me, said, “You can’t be 20 forever.” But I knew there was still a skinnier version of me in there somewhere.

Out of the blue, I found Almased while flipping through a magazine. My husband, a fitness fanatic, told me that if I was going to try it, I should stick to it.

That’s because I had tried six different diets that didn’t work.


Taking Almased was easy and simple. I would mix Almased protein powder with cold water, and drink the healthy shakes every day, even when on the go. I followed the instructions to the “T.” In the first week, I lost more than 1 pound a day. I thought, “If this is what can happen in 1 week, what will happen in 10 weeks?” I was motivated, so I kept going.

By the way, losing weight quickly didn’t worry me as Almased gave me the nutrients, vitamins and minerals I needed. And there’s science behind it.

Before I knew it, I was down 15 lbs, then 30 lbs, eventually 45 lbs and now 65 lbs.

When I went back to the doctor, all my labs came back normal. My blood pressure and blood sugar, and even my liver, became healthier.

My doctor was so impressed. He wanted to know what I did and even wrote it down

With all the weight I’ve lost, I’m now more energetic. Before, I used to feel winded just from walking, but now I can run alongside my children at their soccer practices without feeling tired.

Not only did Almased help with my physical health, but it also helped my mental health. I used to dread going to events, especially during the holidays, because finding something I felt comfortable wearing was so hard. I didn’t feel happy about my body. But after losing weight with Almased, I feel like I have gotten myself back. My depression went away--—I feel amazing! Almased changed my lifestyle, fixing my mental well-being and saving my life.

Today, a year later, I’m maintaining my weight. I’m more fit and happy. My daughter said, “Mom, you’re looking great”, after seeing me fit into her clothes. An old co-worker who I caught up with thought I was a teenager when I walked up to her to hug her. She teased, “Are you trying to be a college student?” I’m thinking, yeah, I love how I look and feel!

“I love seeing how happy my mom is now and how dedicated she was to this program. I am proud of all the time and work she has put in to be where she is today.” – Kylie, Jennifer’s daughter

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