"Now I can keep up with the players."

Peter from Manchester

Success story of Peter from Manchester

A weight loss product that actually works



Retains essential muscle mass

I started using Almased® after I saw a photo of myself refereeing a charity football match. It was then that I realised that I had to do something! My friend told me about Almased®, so I thought let’s try it. I read up on the scientific research and found that it not only helped with weight loss but also retained muscle mass. This was very important for me, since my job is very active and I have always played sports- so I really wanted something where I could lose excess weight but not muscle. It’s true, I can honestly say it worked.

My scales didn’t lie and showed the weight loss in real numbers. This gave me even more motivation to continue. I reached my weight loss goal with Almased® and now I am even in better shape than some of the players!

* Remember weight loss is personal and results may vary

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