How to support your metabolism during menopause

More energy, less stress and an overall increased well-being

Almased's Weight Loss Shakes for Menopause

A lot changes during menopause. The reason for this is that estrogen and progesterone levels fall in women between the ages of 40 and 50. This creates a hormone imbalance. The metabolism first tries to counteract this, which brings with it a number of different symptoms: hot flushes, sweating, mood swings, changes in skin and hair and insomnia. But that's not all: body weight also increases for many women, even though they eat the same as before and do not exercise less.

You not only have this challenge in your everyday life, but also your metabolism suffers too. What helps? Menopause shakes that fit exactly to your menopause diet.

The menopause stands for a new beginning, just for you

The hormones go crazy, the metabolism changes, you change and thus also your well-being. What exactly helps in this phase? Listen to your own needs. It's time for you to think more about you and pay more attention to yourself again. Your wishes and well-being are now in the foreground.

You need to support your metabolism. Because over time, the body needs more and more high-quality nutrients, while at the same time it burns fewer and fewer calories. The basal metabolic rate decreases and thus the energy consumption per day. This is often the reason for more weight be added to the scales.

Almased's Menopause Diet

Mood swings, sleep disturbances and increasing weight. All these are unpleasant side effects when the body changes its hormonal balance. However, a healthy nutrient-rich and at the same time low-calorie diet can support your body in these changes and lead back to more balance in everyday life. Almased helps you easily incorporate important nutrients such as proteins and micronutrients into your diet. Even one shake a day provides you with all essential amino acids and protects your muscles from increased breakdown during menopause. Valuable B vitamins* in our shakes ensure a healthy and balanced energy metabolism and are important for a functioning hormonal cycle. Calcium and vitamin D support a healthy bone metabolism, which is particularly important for low estrogen levels. In addition, our shakes provide you with vitamin C and zinc, for healthy hair growth and strong nails.

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How do Weight Loss Shakes for Menopause fit into your lifestyle?

Nutrient booster with menopause shakes

Especially during menopause, it is important to cover a wide range of nutrients within your diet. Almased supports you with a perfectly balanced combination of vitamins and minerals, supplemented by our high-quality multi-component protein. Quickly mixed and always at hand, the Almased shake provides you with important B vitamins even in stressful times, which ensure a balanced energy metabolism and at the same time bring more balance to the hormones. Almased also contains essential vitamins for bone metabolism such as calcium and vitamin D. Skin and hair benefit from vitamin C and zinc. Almased is therefore the perfect snack for a healthy metabolism and increased well-being!

Almased as a nutrient boost

Flexible weight regulation and maintenance

Paying attention to a balanced diet in everyday life is not so easy. Especially if hormonal fluctuations and a changed nutrient requirement during menopause make it even more difficult. With Almased's flexible weight management, you can still feel completely comfortable and optimally supply your body with important vitamins and minerals. To do this, replace one meal a day with an Almased shake to balance out the calories without much sacrifice. Especially during menopause, the calorie requirement decreases and muscle mass naturally decreases. Almased helps you protect your muscles with the high-quality multi-component protein from yogurt and soya while saving calories.

Almased flexible weight management

The 4-Phase Menopause Diet

Our 4-phase plan is a great option for those who want to return to their feel-good weight and is great as a starting block for a sustainable change in diet. After a short phase of protein-modified fasting, more and more healthy balanced meals are then gradually integrated into the diet. The menopause shakes provide you with all the important vitamins and minerals that the body needs, scientifically proven, at any point in the diet. This makes it easy to get used to new eating habits in the long term and to meet the changing nutrient requirements during a menopause diet.

The Four-Phase Plan
Whether at home, in the office, for sports or on the go

This is how menopause shakes score every day

  • A quick high-quality meal with a low glycemic index: Nutrient-dense and without empty calories
  • Protein richness: Unique amino acid profile and multi-component proteins for strong muscles and plenty of power in everyday life
  • Almased effect from the unique combination of proteins, active honey enzymes and bioactive peptides
  • No artificial flavours, sweeteners, fillers or preservatives

Our community supports you in your project

You don't have to walk the path to your new feel-good self alone. In our community you can exchange ideas with like-minded people and our nutrition experts. Our team is also always available for personal advice.

The Almased Community

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