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Losing weight during menopause: How to get your metabolism going

Written by Helen, Nutritionist (M.Sc. Nutritional Sciences)

Menopause - messes up a lot of things in our body.

In addition to mood swings, hot flushes and hair loss, weight gain is also a problem for many women.

The way back to a ‘feel good’ body feeling is difficult for many, although a lot can be done with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Here you can find out where the causes lie in your metabolism and what you should pay attention to when losing weight during menopause!

Do hormones prevent you from losing weight during menopause?

Yes - unfortunately, altered hormone levels during menopause make it particularly difficult for us to keep weight in balance. Between the ages of 45 and 50, the maturation of eggs in the female body gradually comes to a halt.

As a result, oestrogen levels drop significantly. Oestrogen, the female sex hormone, is involved in many processes in the body. It protects the bones, ensures healthy hair and clear skin, but it also affects fat loss.

Why does menopause lead to abdominal weight gain?

In addition to the amount of oestrogen, the oestrogen to testosterone ratio is also crucial for building fat deposits and muscles. During menopause, levels of oestrogen decrease, while levels of the male sex hormone, testosterone, remain the same. Testosterone can now prevail, and may influence a more masculine body shape.

This results in increased fat deposits in the abdomen instead of thighs and buttocks, as are typical for women. Altered hair growth can also be attributed to this relative excess of testosterone.

Losing weight during menopause - pay attention to the basal metabolic rate

Regardless of the hormonal changes in the body, energy consumption decreases with age.

From the age of 40, a woman's daily calorie requirement is already 400kcal lower than at the age of 25.

This is due, in part, to muscle mass, which naturally decreases year after year. Muscle cells burn the most energy and are largely responsible for a high basal metabolic rate.

Exercise is the key to happiness!

Literally - because an active everyday life not only leads to more muscle mass but to higher energy consumption. The release of the happiness hormone, serotonin, is also increased by regular exercise.

In addition, daily exercise strengthens the immune system and is essential for healthy bones and long-lasting good mobility.

In addition, we also keep our brain fit through sports activities and reduce stress in a natural way. So, at any point in our lives, it’s never too early to bring more momentum back into your life!

The need for nutrients increases, while energy consumption decreases

You read that right - it's not just calorie requirements that change during menopause. Due to the lack of oestrogen in the body, it becomes particularly important for menopausal women to obtain an optimum supply of vitamins and minerals.

Above all, our bone metabolism, the nervous system as well as skin, hair and nails are affected by altered hormone levels. To compensate for such an imbalance, the body requires more micronutrients from food.

Calcium and vitamin D is required for healthy bones, or B vitamins for strong nerves and a balanced energy metabolism. Vitamin C and zinc are also particularly important during menopause, as they stimulate collagen formation.

Lose weight during menopause? No problem with Almased!

Our delicious shakes are great for rebalancing your energy levels. At the same time, they contain all the important micronutrients for a balanced metabolism, an active immune system, as well as strong bones and healthy skin and hair.

The high-quality multi-component protein in Almased provides you with all the essential amino acids in the right amount and supports you in maintaining essential muscle. With a low glycaemic index of 27, your blood sugar levels are kept in check as well. In this way, your nutritional needs are optimally catered for, all while you consume fewer calories.

Of particular importance for menopausal women, Almased shakes offer a unique combination of nutrients that are optimally adapted to your special needs in this phase of your life. Together with our clinically researched nutrition plans, you are guaranteed to achieve healthy weight loss!

Losing weight without the yo-yo effect - 4 tips on how to change your diet correctly

The good news: Scientific studies have shown that following a diet with Almased, feel-good weight can also be maintained in the long term for 12 months and beyond.

For long-term success, it is important to establish healthy eating habits while dieting. The most important element is a balanced, varied food selection in everyday life. These 4 food groups should be included in every meal in addition to your Almased shake:


1. Fruit and vegetables

With their high nutrient density and low energy content, they are ideal for losing weight during menopause and should make up half of the plate.

2. Protein and amino acids

Maintain essential muscles and ensure long-lasting satiety. Protein sources should preferably be of plant as well as animal origin and should make up 1/4 of the plate.

3. Complex carbohydrates

Wholegrain products, with their fibre, ensure good satiety and a healthy gut. You can fill the remainder of your plate with these.

4. High-quality fats

By this we mean vegetable oils with a high content of omega-3 fatty acids. For example; linseed oil, rapeseed oil or walnut oil are great in small quantities.


The foods you should avoid

As always when it comes to losing a few pounds, foods with a high energy density should of course be avoided. This includes sweets and convenience foods, but also salty snacks and other foods high in fat and carbohydrates. Your cravings will be counteracted by an Almased shake which has been proven to keep you full for longer and avoid cravings.

However, there are also some stimulants that are particularly unfavourable during menopause. Alcohol and nicotine can exacerbate the effects of hormonal imbalance, while caffeine, chocolate and salt can also have a negative effect on well-being during menopause.

Better balance - not only on the scales

During menopause, it is important to listen to your own body to find a healthy way to a feel-good weight. After all, a holistic, healthy lifestyle also includes reducing stress in everyday life and finding time for yourself on a regular basis.

Cooling drinks and moisturising creams can help alleviate menopausal symptoms and are great for a little self-care moment during the day. A small yoga session or a 5-minute meditation session have also proven beneficial.

All in all, with Almased you can kick-start your metabolism once again and optimally supply your body with high-quality nutrients. At the same time, you’ll dispense with unnecessary calories and protect your muscles. Pounds will also be lost while blood sugar levels remain burden-free. Simply because it works!

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