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Natural Metabolism Boosters: These Foods Boost Your Fat Burning

Written by Lena, Nutritionist (M.Sc. Medical Nutrition) | Reviewed by Helen, Nutritionist (M.Sc. Nutritional Sciences)

The sun is shining outside, the summer season is in full swing, but your metabolism may still be in hibernation. We'll show you how to reactivate your metabolism with a few simple tips.

Topics at a glance:

  1. What is metabolism?
  2. Why is an active metabolism important?
  3. Which foods are metabolism boosters?
  4. Activate fat burning with proteins
  5. Metabolism reset in 14 days
  6. Boost metabolism and lose weight

What is metabolism?

Metabolism, which takes place in every living being, refers to the chemical (metabolic) processes that take place as our body converts foods and drinks into energy. It’s a complex process that combines calories and oxygen to create and release energy. This energy fuels body functions.

We absorb oxygen through breathing, and important nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, protein, minerals and many more through food. In our body, they react together in many biochemical processes that take place simultaneously. This can create new substances that our body needs at that moment. Metabolic products that are left over and not useful for our body are excreted.


In fat (lipo) metabolism, various fats ingested through food are processed into energy carriers and cell components or stored as energy reserves. Fatty acids are also particularly important for the formation of hormones and cell membranes.

Protein metabolism

Protein metabolism describes how dietary proteins are converted into the body's own protein to build muscles or organs. But proteins are also essential for the production of enzymes and the formation of blood.

Carbohydrate metabolism

Carbohydrate metabolism primarily involves obtaining glucose from different forms of carbohydrates. Glucose is a simple sugar and the most important energy source of our body.

Why is an active metabolism important?

An active metabolism is essential for our health. It provides us with energy and makes us feel fit and full of vitality. An active metabolism is also beneficial for weight management, because when our metabolism is running at full speed, lots of energy is consumed and our basal metabolic rate is heightened.

In addition, an active metabolism is a prerequisite for a healthy cardiovascular system. Those who do something positive for their metabolism through healthy eating or plenty of exercise also reduce their risk of diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

A lack of sleep, too much unhealthy food and little exercise can affect our metabolism. It is then that we feel tired, weak and less productive.

Which foods are metabolism boosters?

The basis for an active metabolism is a healthy diet, sufficient sleep and plenty of exercise. However, there are a few tricks on how you can support your metabolism to the fullest.

1. Green tea

Green tea is not only considered a superfood par excellence due to its antioxidant effect. The tea also contains catechins and caffeine, among other things, which can boost our fat burning and energy metabolism. In addition, green tea reduces the absorption of fats in the intestines and facilitates weight loss.

Sound interesting? Then try our delicious Matcha Magic Shake with green tea as a metabolism booster between meals.

2. Ginger

Surely you have already made yourself a fresh ginger tea when you were sick, thus benefitting from the great anti-inflammatory effects of the tuber. Ginger also stimulates digestion and gives your metabolism a boost. Fresh ginger is also said to have a positive effect on our blood sugar levels and blood lipids.

Ginger really is an all-rounder and tastes great too! Try it together with cinnamon and turmeric in our Golden Latte.

3. Chillies

We all know the effect of chillies - we get hot, our mouth burns and you can really work up a sweat. Responsible for this effect is the capsaicin contained in chilies. It triggers a pain stimulus and increases body temperature. In response, the body releases more adrenaline and activates the metabolism.

For a metabolism boost without breaking a sweat, our chocolate shake with a little chilli powder is a real metabolism burner.

4. Almased

With 23 different vitamins and minerals, all essential amino acids, over 80 bioactive peptides and valuable enzymes from bee honey - Almased provides you with all the nutrients you need in one shake! From GMO-free soya, high-quality skimmed milk yogurt and enzyme-rich honey of the highest quality, we’ve created a natural powder that not only gets your metabolism back on track, but also your well-being.

Our anti-stress formula of vitamin B12, B5, magnesium and vitamin E relaxes your nerves and protects you and your cells from external stresses. In addition, Almased's special formula increases daily energy consumption and fuels fat burning. Thanks to Almased, hunger and satiety also find their way back into natural balance – of which we have shown in many clinical studies!

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5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a real spice favourite and not only tastes delicious in both savoury and sweet dishes, but also in an Almased Shake. In addition, cinnamon can stimulate thermogenesis - that is, more fat is burned to maintain body temperature. And cinnamon reduces appetite, so it makes it that little bit easier to refrain from those sweets and snacks in between meals.

Tip: Use Ceylon cinnamon preferably, as cassia cinnamon contains high amounts of coumarin, which can cause headaches, nausea and dizziness if consumed in excess.

6. Lemons

The vitamin C in lemon plays an important role in many areas of our metabolism and is also important for fat burning. Lemon water in the morning can really help.

In addition to lemons, there are also other delicious sources of vitamin C such as peppers, blackcurrants and broccoli. Almased is also rich in vitamin C and many other micronutrients, so that your metabolism is always well supplied and can function optimally.

Activate fat burning with proteins

Have you ever heard of the protein diet? In this diet, the protein intake is increased to 1.5g to 2g per kg of body weight in order to boost the metabolism and lose weight effectively. This really works if you reduce your calorie intake and pay attention to your protein composition at the same time.

Due to the high protein content consumed, fewer carbohydrates are absorbed - this stabilizes blood sugar and insulin levels and makes it easier to break down fat. In addition, the body uses more proteins for energy production. Since the process is more complex than getting this energy from carbohydrates, we consume more energy overall. The high protein intake protects and builds up the muscles at the same time, so that a high basal metabolic rate is guaranteed long-term.

With Almased, you can take advantage of this effect, because with at least 26g of protein per shake, you can easily reach 1.5g -2g per kg. In contrast to the common protein shakes, Almased contains a multi-component protein from soya and yogurt. As a result, just one shake caters for all your essential amino acid needs. The active honey enzymes in the shake also ensures the protein structures are broken down into small building blocks and can be absorbed particularly well by the body.

Metabolism reset in 14 days

Take 14 days for yourself and your metabolism - you won't regret it!

With Almased fasting, you revive your metabolism in just 2 weeks and do something for your cell health. During fasting, old cell components can be recycled and disposed of. This allows your cells to function optimally again and fulfil their multitude of functions in your metabolism.

In contrast to traditional therapeutic fasting, your body remains supplied with all important nutrients and a high-quality multi-component protein throughout the fasting period.

Read more: Almased Fasting

Boost metabolism and lose weight

A metabolism that has become sluggish, often makes losing weight more difficult than necessary. With Almased, your metabolism will not only be revived, but boosted! This is how you create the best conditions for healthy weight loss.

Hunger and satiety hormones return to harmony thanks to Almased and you can finally rely on your gut feeling again when it comes to food. No more strict diets - with Almased you can lose weight flexibly and enjoy life to the fullest!

More information can be found here!

Sources: aok.de, apotheken-umschau.de

Sources: aok.de, apotheken-umschau.de

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