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How Does Almased Support Your Immune System?

Written by Kevin, Nutritionist (M.Sc. Medical Science)

Supporting your immune system and losing weight may be a lot easier than you think, with Germany's No.1 meal replacement* and 'Most Trusted Weight Loss Brand 2020'! [1]

Almased's natural and nourishing ingredients - soya, yogurt and enzyme-rich honey, combine synergistically to provide superior levels of immune-boosting vitamins and minerals to support the healthy function of our immune system. [2] What's more, a recent clinical study, published this year, has shown that Almased not only results in significant weight reduction but the daily use of Almased also improved chronic levels of inflammation, subsequently improving our immune health. [3]


What is inflammation?

Inflammation is a normal and natural part of your body's immune response. It is an important defence mechanism for injury, disease and is vital to health. However, overly high levels of inflammation in the body, known as chronic inflammation, can lead to damaging effects, as it can slow down and impair the function of the immune system.


How can levels of inflammation be reduced?

Levels of inflammation can be reduced by eating a healthy diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, omega-3 fatty acids as well as reducing the intake of alcohol and refined carbohydrates. Engaging in regular physical activity and ensuring a healthy weight and body fat percentage is equally important.


How can Almased reduce levels of inflammation?

Almased's high-protein, low carbohydrate formula has many favourable metabolic advantages such as reducing insulin levels and increasing levels of fat burning. The combination of these metabolic advantages results in weight reduction together with improvements in inflammation markers. It is also known from previous studies that those who consumed Almased daily, experienced reduced pro-inflammatory markers (CRP and IL-6) which peaked after 6 months of intervention. In comparison, the control group (those not consuming Almased) showed no consistent changes over time and no significant improvement in inflammation levels.

Almased's high nutrition profile provides essential nutrients to support overall immune health. The reduces insulin levels and increased fat metabolism associated with Almased consumption also has a favourable anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Incorporating Almased into a balanced diet will optimise your immune system, reduce levels of harmful inflammation, ultimately enabling you to feel your best while losing weight.



*Euromonitor International (2020)

[1] Reader's Digest. Trusted Brands, 2020. Germany.

[2] Vitamin C and Zinc contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

[3] Kempf, K et al (2021). High-protein, low glycaemic-based meal replacement decreases fasting insulin and inflammation markers- a 12- month subanalysis of the ACOORH trial, Nutrients, 13:1-12.

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