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Why Is the Retention of Muscle Mass so Important?

Written by Kevin, Nutritionist (M.Sc. Medical Science)

Muscle is determined by protein synthesis and protein degradation. The rate at which we maintain our muscle is influenced by many physiological conditions such as exercise, disease, ageing, dieting and feeding. Muscle mass is not only a direct indicator of strength and functionality but a critical factor in our metabolic health, which ultimately defines our overall health and wellbeing.

As we know, being overweight or obese increases our risk of chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers. Our body composition defines whether we are of a healthy weight, overweight or obese; those of us with more muscle will naturally store lower amounts of fat and therefore have a reduced risk of such diseases.


Muscle Mass and Weight Loss

The maintenance of muscle is very important during the weight loss process as any losses in our skeletal muscle can result in unsustainable weight loss. Research has confirmed that muscle is more metabolically active than fat. This means that if you have more muscle, your body is more efficient at burning calories over a prolonged period of time, thus ensuring healthy weight loss and long-term weight maintenance. 

Although strength training can also contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass, diet is of paramount importance. In order to prevent the loss of muscle mass throughout the weight loss process, our body needs to be provided with high-quality nutrition. It is important to note that a diet rich in high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals, in particular vitamin D, is essential for muscle health.


How Can Almased Help?

Almased is a meal replacement for weight loss which is both calorie-controlled and nutrient-rich. Over 30 years of scientific research has confirmed how Germany's No.1 meal replacement is scientifically proven to maintain muscle mass while losing fat. Importantly, Almased contains the highest amount of protein compared to any other meal replacement in the UK market. It provides a highly digestible source of protein and consists of a complete amino acid profile, which is essential for the maintenance of muscle, significantly important during a weight loss diet.


Almased in Your Diet!

Incorporating Almased into your balanced diet will support healthy weight loss and long-term weight maintenance. Replace any of your daily meals by mixing 5 tbsps of Almased with 200ml of low-fat milk or 200-350ml of water and 2 tsps of oil rich in essential fatty acids (i.e. flaxseed, rapeseed, walnut or olive).

Almased is available from Boots, Amazon, Chemist Direct and Superdrug. Purchase today!

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