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The 5 biggest myths about fasting – What is really true?

Written by Ronja, Nutritionist (M.Sc. Nutritional Sciences)

Traditional fasting is one of the oldest methods of renunciation in many cultures and religions. Every year from Ash Wednesday to Easter is Lent, time for a conscious break that interrupts everyday life, without solid food. What's the reason behind it? Is it much more than just a question of faith? Can fasting help you lose a few pounds and promote well-being? What is really true? We debunk the biggest fasting myths:

Myth 1: Fasting makes you happy

Our hormones are responsible for many processes in our body - including our feelings of happiness. Thus, after a short time of fasting, the production of the happiness hormone serotonin in the brain is stimulated and increasingly released. Serotonin affects mental and physical well-being. With prolonged food abstinence, the mood rises and at the same time stress is reduced. This increased well-being ensures the "fasting high" with more vigour and ease.

This myth is really true, because fasting does make you happy! Enjoy these remarkable effects and enjoy inner balance and peace.

Myth 2: If you fast, you lose weight

The real motive for a traditional fasting cure lies in its advantages: The promotion of cell cleansing, the training of the metabolism, mental balance and often also the alleviation of health complaints. Fasting is a natural restart of metabolism to a healthier lifestyle. In today's time of food abundance, with the resulting health complaints, food abstinence is becoming more and more important.

The weight reduction during the renunciation of food is not the focus but is a pleasant side effect that makes the pounds fall. But through this type of fasting, the body also loses important minerals and valuable protein. This is different from fasting with Almased, which provides sufficient minerals, as well as high-quality protein, which preserves muscles and thus counteracts the yo-yo effect. So, this myth is really true! Depending on the version, however, it has different effects on the body. And the fact is that losing weight is not the focus of fasting, but physical well-being.

Myth 3: Fasting breaks down muscles

When fasting, the body not only taps into its fat stores to gain the missing energy, but also uses the muscle protein, which is easier to utilise – and unfortunately, also breaks down muscle instead of fat. However, muscles are important for an active metabolism and sustainably ensure a higher energy requirement. A myth that is true if the breakdown of the body's own protein is not prevented. In addition, prolonged fasting usually lacks important minerals. Due to this deficiency, the body switches to an economy mode. Fasting with Almased is a good alternative to other types of fasting and provides you with all the important nutrients and a so-called multi-component protein. As a result, you are well supplied with all important nutrients during fasting and effectively counteract the breakdown of muscles.

Benefits of fasting with Almased:

Myth 4: Fasting has a positive effect on health

If you want to do something good for yourself and your body, the metabolic regulation can be relieved by fasting. Many experts are convinced of this. Fasting not only cleanses the cells and reduces excess weight, but fasting can relieve chronic pain and inflammation in the body and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. People with fatty liver or type 2 diabetes also benefit from this. A myth that is true, because fasting is good for your health! As an introduction to a sustainable change in diet, fasting can be a relief. Giving up food also sharpens the perception of your senses, improves satiety and hunger signals and strengthens your immune system.

Myth 5: During Lent – No exercise!

Should you really not exercise while fasting? What do you need to look out for? The fasting effect can be optimised by moderate, light exercise because it signals to the body that the muscles are needed and instead the fat should be reduced. Since Almased provides the body with all important nutrients during fasting, especially with a high-quality protein, it supports you especially during this time. Gentle sports such as: Nordic walking, cycling, swimming and yoga support you in this respite from everyday life. As long as you feel comfortable, light exercise is not a problem. 

Our tip: Almased fasting will make you feel lighter, healthier and more active. With our fasting plan, you can reap the benefits without having to forego an adequate supply of protein or nutrients. No matter the reasons you want to fast, with this breathing space you can find your inner mental balance and strengthen your health in a natural way.

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