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Almased as a sports supplement?

Written by Kevin, Nutritionist (M.Sc. Medical Science)

Why is Almased the optimal sports supplement? Among strength athletes, the so-called whey protein is known for its good digestibility and for the positive influence on muscle building, so that the often black cans with garish inscriptions in flavours from cookies and cream to coconut and pineapple are very popular with strength athletes.

But did you know that the combination of soya and milk protein, as contained in Almased, can compete with the digestibility of whey protein and contribute to muscle building to the same extent?

The branched-chain amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine, which are important for athletes, as well as the non-essential amino acid L-glutamine in Almased support muscle building. In addition, Almased scores with its naturalness, because we consciously refrain from artificial additives such as sweeteners, preservatives, fillers and artificial flavours, whereby you do your body twice as much good.

Made from the natural raw materials soya, yogurt and honey and produced in a unique process, Almased is not only a high-quality meal replacement for weight loss, but also the perfect supplement for anyone with an active lifestyle.

The combination of vegetable and animal protein creates the high-quality multi-component protein, which scores with a chemical score of 158. But what exactly does the value say? The Chemical Score indicates how efficiently body protein can be built up from dietary protein. As a comparison, the very high-quality chicken egg protein, which, like whey protein, has a value of 100, is usually used. With a chemical score of 158, the ingredients from Almased can produce body protein, including muscle protein, particularly efficiently - tip for all those who want to increase their basal metabolic rate through a higher muscle percentage.

In addition to the high-quality multi-component protein, Almased also provides carbohydrates with a low glycaemic index. The body relies on the continuous availability of carbohydrates not only under normal conditions, but also during physical activity. To ensure this constant supply of carbohydrates, the body can store glucose in the form of glycogen in the liver and muscles. During night fasting, when no energy is supplied for several hours, the body taps into these reserves, e.g. to continue to supply the brain, which is dependent on glucose as an energy source.

Even during sports, the body resorts to glucose from the glycogen stores after a certain time to maintain performance. Because carbohydrates have the advantage over fats that they can be used as an energy source even at high exercise intensity and low supply of oxygen - as is the case, for example, with intensive endurance or strength training. But the glycogen stores are finite and drying up limits the duration of the load. Because of this, it is crucial to start training with full glycogen stores and then replenish them. A combination of carbohydrates and proteins - as provided by an Almased shake - proved to be particularly efficient here.


The micronutrients contained in Almased also have it all:

  • Calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin D, for example, contribute to normal muscle function.
  • Vitamin B6 contributes to normal protein and glycogen metabolism.
  • Biotin and zinc contribute to a normal metabolism of macronutrients, including protein.
  • In addition, numerous micronutrients contained in Almased contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism, in addition to biotin, zinc, vitamin B6, magnesium and calcium, iron, vitamin B2, B12 and C.


Do you also want to support your performance with Almased?

An Almased shake with 50 g Almased provides you with all the important nutrients after training. The optimal time is up to an hour after physical exertion. If the time before training was short and you still need an energy kick for the training session, we recommend drinking the 50 g Almased shake half before and half after exercise to start the training full of energy.

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