Kevin - Managing Director at Almased

What impresses you most about Almased's products?

Kevin: "Genuinely effective product backed by 35 years of evidence-based clinical studies, which confirm our status as a superior nutritional product unlike any other."


What is your role at Almased?

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, MSc Medical Science - Specialisation Human Nutrition

Responsibility for the overall management and development of the UK business by executing the company’s business strategies in order to attain goals, as well as providing tactical advice to Almased headquarters in Germany. Developing the international market in strategic areas of interest and providing advice and guidance to other locations within the business.

What is your favourite study / study result with Almased?

Kevin: "Deibert, P et al (2004). International Journal of Obesity: Weight loss without losing muscle mass in pre-obese subjects induced by a high soya-protein diet. Results showed the clear retension of essential muscle while losing weight. This is a unique feature of Almased substantiated over many years of clinical research and one which separates our product from all our competitors."

Individual skills that contribute to the success of the organisation

Kevin: "Experienced Nutritionist and Business Development skills for 20 years in an international setting."


"Kevin is the heart beat of Almased UK! He comes from a medical science background which benefits the team in terms of scientific knowledge and trends within the UK weight management market. This ultimately creates an effective team within our business and a superior customer service experience for anyone wishing to use our product."

Ann Catrin:

"Kevin is multitasking as a person. With lots of passion he works every day to make the Almased message known in the UK and around the world. He works not only for the greater good of the company but for the greater good of the health of society. With his experience as a nutritionist, he has an answer to every question. You can always rely on Kevin."

What unique feature of Almased would you like more people know?

Kevin: "What makes Almased so unique cannot be attributed to one individual feature. Almased is a multi-benefical product which enhances all aspects of health in those who consume it. Marked improvements in metabolic function, fat reduction, muscle retention, long-term blood sugar levels and cell regeneration are observed, to name but a few. This can be attributed in major part to the unique ingredients found in Almased which, when brought together, interact with our body in such a way as to improve our health and wellbeing."

What is the best success story you can remember?

Kevin: "Chris and Carole's life changing experience - "We wanted a diet that worked for the both of us, especially as Chris was Type 2 diabetic. I did some research and found Almased - we have never looked back! We followed the 14-Day and then the Long-Term Plan. Almased has really helped us change our lifestyle and think more about what we eat, but the most wonderful piece of news is that Chris' diabetes is now in remission and he is free from blood sugar and blood pressure medication. His doctor was very pleased with the results and asked how this happened; we told him Almased!

One of the major differences we have noticed is the vast improvement in our energy levels. Before we could fall asleep in the afternoon, but now we go for a run or a swim, something we would never have done before. Over the years we have constantly battled with our weight, but now we have finally found a diet we can actually stick to. Since starting with Almased, we have collectively lost over 10 stones; we are really proud of ourselves and continue to maintain our weight loss with the help of Almased, to this day. It’s difficult to explain, but it’s like a total feeling of well-being. We truly believe in the product. Thank you Almased!"

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