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Minimise your holiday weight gain!

Written by Kevin, Nutritionist (M.Sc. Medical Science)

Tips at a glance:

1. Experience and enjoy local cuisine

2. Don't skip meals

3. Be strategic at the buffet

4. Plan ahead with snacks

5. Indulgent meals

6. Limit alcohol consumption

7. Plan activities

8. Stay hydrated


Don't use your holiday as an excuse to pile on the pounds! Read on for a selection of manageable top tips that can help you put a halt to that dreaded holiday weight gain.

Tip 1: Experience and enjoy local cuisine, but just be mindful of food preparations. Choose simply prepared dishes, option for grilled, steamed, baked, raw or broiled foods. Try to minimise fried or heavily sauteed foods.

Tip 2: Don't skip meals and ensure you keep your metabolism working optimally by consuming 3 balanced meals a day. Remember not to indulge too much and exercise moderation when it comes to portion sizes.

Tip 3: Be strategic at the buffet. Practice portion control by using smaller plates and avoid pilling high with food. Once you have cleared your plate, you can always return for more. Ensure 50% of your plate is made up of fresh vegetables and salads. Pair with lean meats and fish. Don't go overboard at the dessert table, but still allow yourself one treat. For healthier options choose fruits, yogurts or sorbets.

Tip 4: Plan ahead with snacks. Pick up a few healthy snacks to keep in your hotel room or apartment; fresh fruits, wholegrain crackers, nuts and seeds are the best options and great for taking on your daily excursions.

Tip 5: If you know you are going to have an indulgent meal you can always replace one or two daily meals with Almased in order to reduce your total calorie intake. This is why our convenient, travel-size Almased single serving sachets are the perfect companion for your summer holiday.

Tip 6: Limit alcohol consumption. Be careful of calorific cocktails and 'Happy Hour' drinks offers; instead opt for clear spirits with soda water and fresh fruit. To further reduce calorie intake and to remain hydrated, alternate alcoholic drinks with water.

Tip 7: Plan activities to keep you active. This doesn't mean spending hours at the hotel gym; you can remain physically active by simply going for a swim, playing tennis, walking along the beachfront or sightseeing by bike or on foot.

Tip 8: Stay hydrated. We do require extra fluids in hot and sunny weather yet sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger. Increase your fluid intake to ensure you do not unnecessarily snack and try to hydrate with water instead of calorific sugary drinks.

Importantly, if you do happen to put on a pound or two, don't feel too guilty! After your holidays you can always reverse any weight gain by restarting any of our weight loss programmes. This will help you to get back on track with your weight loss goal, whatever it may be.


If you are going on holiday, from all of us at Almased UK, we wish you a safe and enjoyable time and remember these handy tips. Enjoy!

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