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Make Almased your No.1

Written by Kevin, Nutritionist (M.Sc. Medical Science)

Make Almased your own No.1 weight loss product and daily source of optimum nourishment! Not only is it Germany's No.1 meal replacement, but it's also been voted Reader's Digest 'Most Trusted Weight Loss Brand, 2019' for the third consecutive year. Driven by years of scientific research, our customers continue to rely on Almased's best-selling attributes to achieve healthy weight loss, long-term weight maintenance, and improvements in their well-being.

Discover why Almased should be your No.1!

Natural Nourishing Ingredients. Almased provides your body with a natural, wholesome blend of 3 high-quality foods; soya, skimmed milk yogurt and enzyme-rich honey. These fermented ingredients are easily digested to allow full absorption of their unique properties and essential nutrients, which help to nourish your body.

30 Years of Science. The Almased phenomenon has been continuously and intensively researched at renowned institutes worldwide. Today, results from clinical testing have been documented in more than 40 leading international medical journals, such as The International Journal of ObesityThe Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Diabetes Care and Nutrients.

Traditional Values. Despite our global expansion and international success, we remain true to our traditions, where your health and well-being remain our foremost priority. Almased remains today a family company and still upholds the same ethics and high-quality standards.

Optimum Nutrition. Fortified with vitamins, minerals and essential phytochemicals, Almased provides excellent levels of nutrition and important antioxidants which can protect your body and support your health and well-being. For this reason, Almased can be used in conjunction with any balanced diet for an additional nutrient boost and general well-being.

Global Recognition. Almased was created in Germany however, after becoming the most popular weight loss product in its home country, Almased is now internationally established throughout mainland Europe, the US, Canada and of course, the UK!

Effective Diabetes Management. Almased is a low GI and GL formula proven to reduce long-term blood glucose levels and insulin demand; findings which have been corroborated through a myriad of robust clinical trials. When taken daily, Almased can be an effective tool for managing Diabetes or equally, reducing the risk of the condition.

Simple and Convenient. Almased can be used to replace any daily meal. It is quick and easy to use and perfect for any lifestyle. You can choose from a variety of weight loss programmes; a 14-Day Plan as well as our Long-Term Plan, which can be tailored to help you achieve any weight loss you may have.

Versatile. In keeping with the natural ethos of our brand, Almased is free from artificial sweeteners and flavourings. This results in the product being neutral in taste, so you can experiment with different ingredients, making each shake unique and exciting.

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