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Almased at Christmas - how to keep your metabolism in balance

Written by Ronja, Nutritionist (M.Sc. Nutritional Sciences)

What would Christmas be without traditions and enjoyment? Festive food, delicious home-baked goodies, a visit to the Christmas market with mulled wine and tasty treats. The magic of Christmas coupled with culinary delights make for a wonderful time of year in many parts of the world.

Potential overindulgence can however throw your diet out of balanceHere at Almased we have a few simple tips to get you through the Christmas season without the dreaded guilty conscience! Whether you want to keep a mindful eye on your dietary intake or simply continue with Almased during the Christmas season, we'll show you how to do it easily and effectively.


The Almased Diet At Christmas

If you deviate from your Almased plan during the holiday season, you should be aware that weight loss may not be as easily attainable as you might think, moreover, there is also a risk that you may in fact gain a few more grams on the scales.  The important takeaway here is that any deviation must of course be followed by a return to the programme as soon as possible.

The following tips will help you manage your diet during the holiday season:

  • Make an exception as seldom as possible.
  • Stick to the 3 meals a day, if possible at the usual interval of 4-6 hours.
  • Stick to the right amount of Almased powder.
  • Even if you are invited to a Christmas party, stick to the usual shake frequency. In the reduction phase, drink your shake at noon instead of in the evening.
  • Simply continue the programme following the exception and start as you mean to go on.
  • It is best to avoid all alcoholic beverages. Use slim-line tonics in mixers where possible.

Keeping the balance

  • If a sumptuous meal is on your evening menu, then replacing one or two meals with an Almased shake on that day, ensures a perfect balance.
  • The festive season can lead to overindulgence and a feeling of lethargy and discomfort within. This can be alleviated with a few days of consuming Almased to restore your bodies balance. Depending on your needs, you can be flexible and replace all, two or just one meal with Almased.

Take a break with the Almased diet

Everyone knows that during the festive season, sweet treats seem to lurk on every corner, making it particularly difficult to avoid and refrain. Periods such as this may make you wonder whether you can put your Almased on the back burner until the ‘New Year New You’ raises its head in January?

The good news is, that from our point of view, that's perfectly fine. There is no harm in taking a break from time to time. However, we do recommend that you avoid letting your diet get completely out of hand and that you keep an eye on a healthy, wholesome diet where possible. The further you lose sight of good nutrition, the more likely the weight gain will be greater during this time.

The following tips will help you to keep your diet more in focus while taking a break during the Christmas season:

  • Continue to eat 3 meals a day and eat more frequently only as an exception.
  • Continue to drink enough (2-3 litres daily). These drinks can include mineral water, unsweetened tea or coffee. Drink sugary and alcoholic beverages only on appropriate occasions.
  • Continue to focus on a protein-rich diet, supplement with plenty of vegetables and salads.
  • Continue to use Almased as desired and replace a meal as needed for good nutrition and calorie management.

The following 3 tips show you how to maintain your weight during the holiday season:

1. Small changes make a big difference - Nutritionally conscious enjoyment

  • Make sure that your meal is high in protein.
  • Always enjoy lots of vegetables.
  • Be sparing with the typical side dishes which may have a high carbohydrate content.
  • Balance the enjoyment of desserts or alcohol by avoiding bread, rice or pasta.
  • Through mindful enjoyment, unnecessary "snacking" in between meals can be easily avoided.

2. Modify snacks during the Christmas season in a nutritionally sound way:

  • Bake with whole wheat flour or replace at least some of the flour with whole wheat flour.
  • Replace some of the flour with protein-rich soya, hemp or chickpea flour to enhance the cookies.
  • Reduce the amount of sugar by a quarter or even more.
  • The use of sweet fruit or dried fruit saves table sugar.

3. The 50/50 strategy

If you want to enjoy all meals during the Christmas season and still want to keep an eye on your weight, you might like to know of this possible solution: In the 50/50 strategy, drink half an Almased shake before your meal. This reduces hunger and optimises the nutrient supply of the following meal so that the body is always optimally supplied. As such, tasty Christmas treats are really enjoyed with pleasure and not from a feeling of hunger. Subsequent portion sizes are smaller and overconsumption is limited.

The Result!

With Almased, you have the means to an effective diet, an ideal figure and balanced weight at your fingertips during the holiday season. Almased supports these goals in an uncomplicated and flexible way: a food that can be perfectly adapted to individual goals, from weight loss to a supplement for your healthy lifestyle. With the Almased 4-phase principle, you can achieve and maintain your goals - even during the Christmas season.

PS: With 35 years of clinical research, trust us when we say there’s a diet plan to suit you.? Find the diet plan that best suit you and your goal.

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Whether baked apple, pear, orange or chocolate, there is certainly something for every taste.

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