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Tradition with vision

Since Almased launched in the 1980s, our company remains a family-run business. Every employee and every customer is part of the Almased family to us. With this understanding comes responsibility, and we take this very seriously. You can therefore have confidence that we ensure that when you buy Almased, you are getting a product which keeps its promises, thanks to our strict quality assurance and continual scientific research.

From our kitchen table to yours

Our story began over 30 years ago in Bienenbüttel, Germany. Hubertus Trouillé, a medical scientist  sought to develop a nourishing food product that was natural, healthy and with the aim of improving his patients slow metabolic function and low energy levels. Together with his son André, at his own kitchen table, he tested out a blend of soya, yogurt and honey until he had perfected this unique recipe. To this day, the recipe remains the same and is the reason behind the unrivalled success of Almased.

Mr Trouillé used the powder himself before giving it to his patients. However, it wasn’t long for his patients to notice improvements in both their energy levels and weight. Mr Trouillé realised that not only had he developed a formula to support metabolic function, but he had also created a truly multi-faceted product. He quickly started receiving inquiries from alternative practitioners, doctors and pharmacists and soon established Almased as a market leader in Germany.

One family, a global group

The Almased success story doesn’t end in Germany. Almased has now become internationally established in the US, Canada, UK, Switzerland and Austria. Despite global expansion and international success, we nonetheless remain true to our traditions. The global headquarters of the company remains in Bienenbüttel where it all began. We continue to flourish as a family business, now led by André Trouillé. Almased continues to live by Hubertus Trouillé’s original values and aspirations. We remain passionate and responsible for creating natural products which you can rely on throughout your life.

Almased Science Soy Plant
Almased Science Soy Plant
We know that it works. 

But we want to know how it works!

Carefully selected natural ingredients and the unique benefits of Almased are not our only focus. To us, science is something close to our heart, which is why we have been committed to research for many years. Almased’s effectiveness has been continuously and intensively researched at global independent institutes for more than 30 years. Our participation at international conferences and exhibitions ensure we impart our valuable knowledge to the scientific community and beyond.  This ongoing research enables us to provide you with the most current and accurate advice for you our customer.


Numerous studies have been conducted into the unique effect of Almased at internationally renowned universities and institutes, namely the University of Freiburg, West German Diabetes and Health Center and London Metropolitan University. Our results have been published in international scientific journals, such as the International Journal of Obesity, The Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Diabetes Care. Past and ongoing research has explored the effect Almased has on body weight, satiety and the retention of muscle mass. All of the above influence metabolic activity and can play an important role in lifestyle changes such as weight loss and weight maintenance. 

Our current study at the University of Alberta in Canada is researching the effect which Almased has on metabolic rate and how this stimulates fat metabolism. For this purpose, participants spent 32 hours in a metabolic chamber. Inside this chamber, respiratory air is retained and methodically analysed in order to verify the effect daily consumption of Almased has on the test participants.

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”- Edward Teller, Physicist.