Alexandra - Nutritionist at Almased

What impresses you most about the Almased product?

Alexandra: "I am most convinced by the composition of Almased. It contains all the important nutrients and keeps you full for a long time. Especially in stressful situations, this shake is ideal because you can feed your body with little effort and start the day full of energy. In my opinion, Almased is also superior to other products in terms of taste and manages to do this without any sweeteners or artificial flavours."

What is your role at Almased?

M.Sc. Nutritional Sciences & Junior Marketing Managerin Nutrition

I have been working as a student trainee at Almased since April 2023. In the company, I support the community management by advising our customers on our social media platforms. It is important to me to help our customers as much as possible on their journey. I also support the team with upcoming events and research work on current topics.

What is your favourite study with Almased?

Alexandra: "Our diabetological studies on our Almased powder, excite me the most. It examined test subjects with both prediabetes and diabetes in combination with overweight or obesity. The results show that Almased not only supports the stabilisation of blood sugar levels, but also helps to lower the HbA1c value. These studies show very nicely how much you can support your body with a natural food."

Individual skills that contribute to the success of the organisation

Ann Catrin:

Alexandra always has an eye on the latest trends and a good feel for what goes down well on social media. That's why she's a super important part of our community management team!


"Alexandra is always on the lookout for new Almased shake variants, creates delicious recipes and has great ideas for upcoming events. In addition, she supports our customers with her nutritional expertise in all matters relating to Almased."

What unique feature of Almased would you like more people know?

Alexandra: "Almased not only offers a wide range of nutrients and a comprehensive amino acid profile, but also has a positive effect on well-being. I see this every day in community management. The customers' zest for life increases and they have noticeably more energy in everyday life. Whether it's a bike ride with friends or playing with the grandchildren in the garden. With Almased, you can achieve a better quality of life with full energy and enjoy every day in a lively way."

What is the best success story you can remember?

Alexandra: "Even though I have only been working in the Almased team since April 2023, I could already tell you about many success stories that have impressed me very much in recent months. However, one lady in particular caught my eye, who suffers from a rheumatic immune disease. Symptoms such as very severe muscle pain were getting stronger and stronger and even the doctors she visited were at a loss. After she went through phase 1 of our 4-phase plan for 9 days, her muscle pain disappeared and she had a noticeably increased energy level."

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