Josephine - Nutritionist at Almased

What impresses you most about the Almased product?

Josephine: "The 30+ studies on Almased that demonstrate: Almased improves metabolism and health. Almased is not just a simple meal replacement diet that helps you cut calories, but rather a method through which you genuinely lose weight in the long term, enhance your health, and noticeably feel better"


What is your role at Almased?

M.Sc. Nutritional Sciences & Junior Marketing Manager in Nutrition

In 2021, I started as a working student at Almased and supported our community on Facebook and Instagram in their journey with Almased. After completing my Master's degree, I was taken on as a trainee and had the opportunity to familiarize myself with various departments including Sales, Specialist Communication, Quality Assurance, and Marketing over a span of 15 months. A particularly special experience was my 3-month stay abroad at our subsidiary in the USA. Following my traineeship, I now assist our marketing team in Germany and the USA in the areas of Email Marketing, Website Design and Optimization, and Amazon Marketing.

What is your favourite study with Almased?

Josephine: "My favorite study is the Leptin study. Leptin is a "slimness hormone" produced by our fat cells, which signals to our brain that energy stores are sufficiently full and that eating can be stopped. The tricky part is that in overweight individuals, the brain no longer receives this signal properly. Leptin resistance makes it difficult for them to lose weight and then maintain it, as they experience little satiety.

With Almased, leptin resistance can be overcome. Therefore, hunger and satiety regulation normalize again, enabling successful long-term weight loss."


Individual skills that contribute to the success of the organisation

Ann Catrin:

"Josephine is always coming up with new ideas to show Almased to the world. With her, there are no problems for which there is no solution - she always finds a way. Regardless of that, she is always there for everyone in the team and helps everyone where she can."


"Josephine keeps an overview in every situation. Both personally and professionally, she is a huge asset to our team. She always has a good solution ready!"

What unique feature of Almased would you like more people know?

Josephine: "At first glance at the label, many meal replacement products in Germany look quite similar. After Almased became so successful, more and more products made from soy, yogurt, and honey entered the market. However, for THE Almased effect, quality is crucial. Soy, together with yogurt, is responsible for the high protein quality of Almased. Yet, the soybean variety and cultivation conditions play a crucial role: the amino acid profile that Almased possesses is unmatched by any other product on the market. We know that other soy sources do not have the same high amino acid quality. Our third ingredient is liquid enzyme-rich bee honey, not industrial honey powder (which, by the way, can be recognized by the addition of maltodextrin in the ingredient list). The use of natural liquid bee honey is crucial for the formation of bioactive peptides in the manufacturing process and also enhances the bioavailability of individual nutrients in the body. Bioactive peptides are short protein chains that have positive effects on our health.

So, if you're not just looking to cut calories but truly want to do something good for your metabolism and body, choose the original: Almased."

What is the best success story you can remember?

Josephine: "The story of Hannes P. greatly inspires me. It vividly illustrates that Almased does so much more than just help with weight loss. Hannes says, "Almased has turned me into a new person. Since I started using Almased, I feel mentally and physically fantastic. I'm full of joy for life and can finally step out into the world with a smile. It's almost eerie how positively this product has affected my body. Previously, I was often depressed, constantly tired, plagued by fatigue, dealing with inflammation, my immune system was weakened... And now, none of that is visible anymore. It's as if it never existed!"

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