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Weight loss injection: Is the hype justified?

Written by Lena, Nutritionist (M.Sc. Medical Nutrition)

Kim Kardashian, Elon Musk and many other celebrities are said to have lost quite a bit of weight with the diabetes drug Ozempic. The weight loss injection regulates appetite and makes losing weight particularly easy. But did you know that Almased has similar effects on your satiety hormones as well as your metabolism? We explain what this means in detail below.

Topics at a glance

  1. From diabetes medication to weight loss injections.
  2. Do weight loss injections solve all our problems?
  3. The active ingredient Semaglutide - How does it work?
  4. The effects in comparison: Almased & the weight loss injection.
  5. Shake instead of injection?
  6. The most important Almased effects at a glance.
  7. Losing weight is also possible without an injection.

From diabetes medication to weight loss injections

The prescription drug Ozempic has been approved in the EU since 2018. Nevertheless, most people have only recently become aware of the supposed miracle cure in the syringe.

Originally, the active ingredient Semaglutide was developed for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. However, the drug is now mainly known as a weight loss insider tip and is also sold by manufacturers under the names Ozempic, Rybelsus or Wegovy.

Since 2023, Semaglutide has been on the market in the UK for obesity therapy in addition to other treatment for those with diabetes. People with a body mass index (BMI) over 27 can also get the drug prescribed by their doctor.

Do weight loss injections solve all our problems?

In the news, Ozempic or Wegovy are reported everywhere with the side effects of the weight loss injections now hotly discussed. However, particularly in the US, off-label use continues to be a big issue. People prefer to rave about fast weight loss successes. Meanwhile, Novo Nordisk is still struggling with supply problems.

Although Ozempic and Wegovy are quite justified for people who are severely overweight or those that have diabetes, it is not intended as a diet for everyone. In fact, the long-term consequences for those who want to lose weight and have a BMI below 27 have not yet been researched.

The active ingredient Semaglutide - How does it work?

Semaglutide is an artificially produced active ingredient that has a similar structure to our body's own hormone GLP-1. As a result, the Semaglutide from the weight loss injection can dock in many places in our body and trigger different reactions. For example, the drug has effects on our digestive tract and liver, but also on our brain and heart.

The effects in comparison: Almased & the weight loss injection

Among other things, the weight loss injection causes the blood sugar levels to drop and therefore the emptying of the stomach is delayed. As a result, the feeling of satiety lasts longer. By acting directly on certain satiety mechanisms in the brain, Semaglutide regulates our appetite and ensures that fewer hunger signals are emitted. This is how the injection can help you lose weight.

This principle is not new as the same effects have already been demonstrated for Almased in many scientific studies. The shakes are low glycaemic, contain special bioactive peptides and a special amino acid pattern. Our hunger and satiety mechanisms1 are influenced, just like with Ozempic or Wegovy. As a result, you automatically have less appetite, a long-lasting feeling of satiety for up to 5 hours and no more cravings.

Shake instead of injection?

The special Almased formula supports the metabolism in a targeted manner. Nutrients can be absorbed particularly well and in the long term, even our basal metabolic rate increases. 2 This effectively means more calories are burned. Pounds are shed in a healthy and natural manner.

With Almased, you can remain energised despite losing weight and being in calorie deficit.* Our immune system is supplied with vital substances, while the shake supplies your body with important proteins, natural carbohydrates and micro nutrients all at the same time.** Cell regeneration is supported, essential muscle is preserved and a general feeling of wellbeing is promoted.

Drawbacks of these novel weight loss injections include the dreaded yo-yo effect. If you stop taking the product and return to eating as normal, your metabolism will suffer and weight gain will follow. Permanent weight loss is only achieved if the injections are taken indefinitely. This means weekly injections, with costs of £170-£250 per month. Almased, on the other hand, costs £2.17 per shake.

Using Almased, on the other hand, prevents the yo-yo effect, as the bodies essential muscle is retained, the metabolism is boosted and long-term healthy eating behaviours are learned and put into practice.

The constituents of Semaglutide are also suspected of having long-term consequences for the psyche. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is currently examining the active ingredient for possible psychological risks.3

On the contrary, Almased has positive effects on our well-being. In studies, quality of life among participants consuming Almased can even be improved.4

The most important Almased effects at a glance:

  • Almased provides the Ozempic effect in a natural way and makes losing weight easier than ever before.
  • A total of 32 published studies confirms Almased as a No.1 weight loss product.
  • The special Almased formula influences satiety regulation and stops cravings.
  • Low glycaemic index of 27 and suitable for those with Type 2 Diabetes.
  • The multi-component protein contained in Almased promotes the maintenance of muscle mass and increases calorie consumption even during periods of rest.
  • Almased shakes support the immune system with essential vital substances such as zinc, iron, vitamins C and D.**
  • Quality of life and mood improves during a diet.

Losing weight is also possible without an injection!

If you want to lose weight effectively and in the long term, it is important to find your desired weight in a more natural way. Our experience shows us that with Almased you can do this just as successfully, but without the negative side effects.

* Vitamin B5 contained in Almased is also essential for cognitive performance.

** Iron, folic acid, copper, selenium and zinc contained in Almased as well as vitamins A, C, D, B6 and B12 support the immune system and ensure higher energy expenditure.







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