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Soya - Do you know the benefits?

Written by Kevin, Nutritionist (M.Sc. Medical Science)


With the global rise in plant-based eating, soya-containing foods can help us increase our intake of a plant-based diet thus reducing the consumption of animal protein and providing a healthier alternative for the body and the environment. Soya based foods are highly nutritious, extremely versatile and can be consumed as part of the UK's healthy eating guidelines. 

Almased's key ingredient, non-GMO soya, makes up 50% of the product's overall composition. Not only is our soya protein non-GMO, but it is also fermented, resulting in a product that is easily digested by the body and rich in cell-protective nutrients.

Soya is classified as a 'complete protein' because it contains all the essential amino acids our bodies require. This key ingredient ensures Almased is packed full of easily digestible plant-based protein and the main reason why our meal replacement contains more protein than any other product in the UK market today!


So, what is Soya?

In addition to its high-quality protein, soya has an impressive nutritional profile containing many important nutrients such as fibre, unsaturated fats and a broad range of vitamins and minerals. It also provides the body with several health benefits:

  • A 'complete' plant-based protein. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Naturally low in saturated fat. Good source of linoleic (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3).
  • Low glycaemic index, which helps to steady blood sugar levels.
  • Provides a good source of dietary fibre.
  • Great source of calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium and manganese and naturally low in sodium.
  • Rich in vitamins B6, E, K and folate.
  • Main dietary source of isoflavones - genistein, daidzein and glycitein. The potential health benefits of isoflavones may include protection against age-related diseases including cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, hormone-dependent cancer and loss of cognitive function.

Consuming soya foods as part of a daily balanced diet can provide the body with many nutrients beneficial to your health and wellbeing. Be sure to include Almased in your daily diet!

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