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Almased Fasting
Almased Fasting
Fasting Plan


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Be in harmony with your body.

Not only can fasting result in weight loss, but it also has a positive influence on your whole body. Research has shown benefits in fasting such as reducing inflammation, blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Fasting is good, fasting with Almased is even better

In addition to its numerous benefits, classic fasting also has some unwanted side-effects. A fasting state can cause the body’s normal metabolic rate to slow down resulting in fewer calories being utilised. As a result, the body uses muscle proteins for energy and not fat reserves. Typically, when fasting for extended periods the risk of nutritional deficiencies may also increase. This can result in tiredness, hunger and a feeling of lethargy.

If you choose to fast with Almased, such negative side-effects can be avoided. During your fast, you will consume vegetable soup, 2L of water and three Almased Shakes per day. This will provide your body with all-important nutrition. High-quality protein in Almased also protects from the loss of essential muscle so anyone who wishes to take advantage of the benefits of fasting with Almased can do so in confidence.

The type of fast you choose depends on your personal goal.
Almased is the ideal companion for any of the following plans.




To follow the 14-day fast, replace all 3 meals with Almased. Each shake should be consumed at intervals every 4 to 6 hours. In addition, you should consume at least 2L of water plus one bowl of homemade vegetable soup. We advise that you do not continue any longer than 2 weeks. The fast ends when you make the transition from liquid nutrition to a regular balanced diet. You can still continue consuming Almased after your fast either as a meal replacement in conjunction with a balanced diet, or as a healthy snack.




For 5 days of the week, you can continue to eat a regular balanced diet. For the remaining 2 days you fast with Almased. By doing so, this will help give your digestive system a rest. The body will also learn to use the available fat reserves for its main source of energy. During the 5 days when you are not fasting, you can still incorporate Almased into your diet, for example, as a delicious, high-protein breakfast.



Alternate each day between an Almased shake and a regular balanced diet. On non-fasting days, feel free to consume Almased as part of your daily diet. This ensures you still benefit from the high-quality blend of nutrients Almased provides.


The right quantity of Almased per meal


Enter your size:




Tbsp (50g)

Our standard recommended serving for each shake is 50g (5 heaped tablespoons). The use of this calculator is optional however, you can use it as a guide if you wish to increase your Almased serving size.

Please note: The increase in portion size will naturally increase the calorific value of your shake and may affect weight loss results.