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Is it time to ditch the scales?

When we think about losing weight, we tend to become fixated on those numbers or dial positions on our bathroom scales. While this can be seen as a good benchmark of progress, it is by no means an exact science.

During the course of our daily lives, our weight fluctuates. This is a normal part of our physiology and should only be seen as a natural process taking place in your body. Relying on scales at times like these may, in some cases, leave us feeling disheartened and ready to give up.

For these reasons, weighing yourself on a weekly basis (not daily!), being consistent in clothing worn and the time of weigh-in can all help determine more accurate measurements and weight loss progress. Furthermore, progress can also be determined using other methods such as:

  • Weekly body measurements (hip, waist, upper arm, thigh)
  • Progress pictures
  • How you look/feel
  • Performance/energy levels
  • How clothes fit
  • Confidence

So the next time you step on the scales and don't see the number you were really hoping for, consider the above and don't be so hard on yourself!


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