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Almased's Effect on Energy Metabolism!

STUDY: Examining the Effects of Almased on Energy Metabolism in Healthy Women.

The very latest clinical testing from the University of Alberta, Canada, produced truly remarkable findings. This ground-breaking study confirms how a diet with Almased results in greater calorie and fat burning, confirming its significance for permanent weight loss.


Study Methodology

This study aimed to compare the impact of an Almased-only diet (high-protein total diet replacement) versus a normal 2,000 calorie daily diet on energy metabolism in healthy women. Over a 32-hour period, nineteen healthy women had their calorie intake and calorie output measured in a state-of-the-art energy expenditure room (whole-body calorimetry unit).



The main findings of this study showed that a diet containing Almased led to:

  • More calories burned over 24 hours.
  • Increased fat oxidation (fat loss).
  • Negative fat balance: more fat was lost by participants than consumed.

These first of their kind findings confirm how consuming Almased results in greater daily calorie expenditure and greater fat burning when compared to a standard diet.

Significantly, the negative fat balance shows greater body fat loss when consuming Almased. Such promising findings play a hugely significant role in successful weight loss for anyone using Almased in their daily diet.


Summary: When compared to a normal 2,000 calorie diet, healthy women who consumed Almased burned a greater number of calories and most significantly, a greater amount of fat.


With more than 30 years of scientific research, there have been a plethora of clinical studies conducted on Almased. To read more about Almased and our science, click here.

Find out more about Almased, or purchase today. It's time to experience the fantastic fat loss effects!


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