FAQ: Questions and answers on diet and weight loss with Almased

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a flavour to the water?

You can add any sugar-free flavour you like.

Can I chew sugarfree gum?

For some people the act of chewing makes them hungry. Test your reaction.

Can Almased be mixed with fruit juices?

No. Because we now know that even fruit sugars encourage the formation and storage of fat, we recommend that you avoid fruit and fruit juices until your metabolism is activated. Then test your individual "sensitivity" to fruit and fruit juices by gradually reintroducing them into your diet and checking your waist and hip measurements once a week.

I want to lose weight but I cannot stand the thought of managing without any solid food!

For the first two days you should only drink Almased. After that one solid low-calorie meal per day. Ask in your pharmacy for the free Almased "Figure Plan” booklet, which contains many delicious recipes.

What is the glycaemic index of Almased?

The glycaemic index always relates to 50 g of carbohydrates of the respective foodstuff. The glycaemic index of Almased is 27. To offer a comparison: The glycaemic index of glucose is 100. So the glycaemic index of Almased is as low as that of a grapefruit for example. If a food has a low glycaemic index, this guarantees a low blood sugar level and consequently a low insulin level and therefore optimum fat burning. If you want to go into more detail, look at the glycaemic load of a portion of food. Whereas the glycaemic index describes the effect upon blood sugar of 50 g of carbohydrate, the glycaemic load describes the effect upon blood sugar of a meal. A glycaemic load of 20 is good – and 10 is very good. And Almased meal (50 g of Almased in water) has a glycaemic load of approximately 4 (four)!! That is a peak value.

Is age an obstacle to trying the Almased diet?

No, quite the contrary. Having a slim figure and a light and wholesome diet are particularly important in older age. A problem when you are older is that muscles atrophy and the body lays down more fat. Our latest scientific studies have shown that an Almased diet is excellent for maintaining muscule mass and at the same time it breaks down 50% more fat than a traditional diet. This automatically makes you want to move more. This is also an advantage because doing physical exercise to your own level of ability contributes to maintaining musculature and vitality.

Can I mix Almased into my tea or coffee?

Yes you can but make sure that the drinks have cooled down. Hot liquid destroys the enzymes in the powder and the microorganisms in the yoghurt, which are important for maintaining healthy gut flora.

Can I buy ready-made vegetable broth if I don't want to make it myself?

No. The vegetable broth should provide important plant substances and support the alkaline balance. Ready-made broths cannot do this.

Once Almased has been opened does it have to be kept in the fridge?

No, you can store it at room temperature. It is only advisable if you live in a hot and humid climate and there is no air conditioning.

How come one burns so much fat with this diet and how does it work?

Whether or not a body stores fat depends not only upon the number of calories but also upon the nutritional value of the food. If one eats highly nutritious food, one can eat considerably more calories without laying down fat. Satiety, fat burning or fat storage, basal metabolism or hormone function, to name but a few aspects of metabolism, essentially depend upon the signals that the nutrients in your food send to your body’s metabolic system. In our large-scale Almased study at the University of Freiburg we found out the following facts about this: During a slimming diet with Almased the body only loses fat and maintains 100% of its muscle mass. Those who are moderately physically active even manage to increase their muscle mass, despite the reduced calorie intake. The metabolic rate remains stable and is not turned down to "energy-saving mode", as in other diets. That is only possible because the Almased diet provides very high-quality nutrition, which is low in calories but, even more importantly, sends the right signals to your metabolism. Here Almased plays a central role.

Who will benefit most from the Almased diet?

Anyone who has been recommended to diet by their doctor or any healthy person who wants to lose weight.