Recommended by FIT FOR FUN readers: Almased Lactose-Free


222 testers started the 4-week Almased Lactose-Free product test for FIT FOR FUN (Germany’s Fitness & Lifestyle Platform) in the run-up to Christmas.

The results in a nutshell:

  • Very high response rate from readers who wished to take part in our Lactose-Free trial; over 2,000 applications.
  • Great results, 93% of participants were able to achieve their goals with Almased and wish to repeat the Almased programme again.
  • The scientific research of Almased and the convenience concept were particularly important to the participants.
  • All participants who achieved their weight loss goals said they would recommend the product.

Despite the Christmas period, 2,405 applicants showed great interest in the Almased Lactose-Free product test, in co-operation with Germany's leading Fitness & Lifestyle magazine - FIT FOR FUN. A total of 222 test subjects were selected, those which had decided they wanted to remove Christmas temptation for four weeks using the Almased 4-Phase Plan. The majority of the testers were female, but many men (around 25%) were also enthusiastic about the test.

Many of the participants presented with different motives for the test: Some wanted to lose a few pounds before Christmas, while others wanted to improve their wellbeing, eat healthily and preferably Lactose-Free with as little effort as possible. 

Success: In the end, 93% of the product testers were convinced of the results and were able to achieve their goals. On average, the testers lost more than 7lbs and felt "simply more comfortable" in both themselves and their clothes after the programme.

Not only were the results convincing, participants also found that the product was easy to prepare and easy to integrate into their daily lives. In addition, feedback indicated a desirability for the taste and a long-lasting feeling of satiety compared to other diets. Almased was also able to score additional points because of its global scientific research and positive clincial results, something that was of particular importance to the testers during the trial.

Further potential

The vast majority of participants were able to adapt easily to the 4-phase plan with many wishing to take part in a future trial.

At the end of the 4-week test phase, product testers rated Almased ‘very good’ and ‘good’ and would recommend the product to others. For men, the recommendation rate was particularly high, over 80%.

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