We asked three busy ladies to trial our 14-day plan and share their own experience.

Alison, Berkshire (left).

"I was worried that once I stopped working I would graze all day, so Almased® came at the perfect time. After just the first day of taking Almased®, I found I wasn't hungry, so I simply had a shake in the morning as it really kept me going until lunchtime. It was also the perfect fuel for when I went walking. When I started introducing regular meals, the Almased® plan really helped me make healthier food choices".

Susie, Buckinghamshire (middle).

"I wanted to try the 14-day plan because now that I'm older I find it more difficult to lose weight. The first three days were a challenge but I really felt I had more energy and the protein in the shake filled me up. I have a busy lifestyle so this really suited me. It helped reset my body back to ‘default’ and has made me re-evaluate what I’m eating. I was pleased with the amount I lost but it wasn’t just about the weight loss; it provided me with a lifestyle change and a nutritional boost. I felt my skin looked so much better! I’m going to continue with one shake a day as a weight maintenance plan".

Lara, Ascot (right).

"I wanted to try Almased® as I had noticed a gradual increase in my weight and my jeans had become quite tight! At first the plan was a bit of a shock as it made me aware of how much sugar I was consuming on a daily basis. I found it to be a really good reminder of sensible portion sizes so when I went back to everyday meals it made me eat more healthily. It’s a great kick-start to weight loss. Almased® can really help you achieve your weight loss goal; it’s a lifestyle product that certainly works”.

* Remember weight loss is personal and results may vary