Almased® shakes and drinks

By adding just a few ingredients, your Almased® shake is not only nutrient-rich but also full of flavour. You can spruce up your shakes by adding fruits, different milks or even tomato juice!

Almased® Classic Almased® Classic for 1 person
230 kcal  
Blue Wonder Blue Wonder for 1 person
355 kcal  
A Nutty Variation A Nutty Variation for 1 person
403 kcal  
An Earthy Shake An Earthy Shake for 1 person
363 kcal  
Almased® Cocktail with Chocolate Almased® Cocktail with Chocolate for 1 person
370 kcal  
Almased® with Vanilla Almased® with Vanilla for 1 person
350 kcal  
Almased® with Pepper and Chilli Almased® with Pepper and Chilli for 1 person
404 kcal  
Almased® with Lime Almased® with Lime for 1 person
364 kcal  
Coco-Cocktail Coco-Cocktail for 1 person
340 kcal  
Almased® with cucumber Almased® with cucumber for 1 person
353 kcal  
Almased® with Vegetable Juice Almased® with Vegetable Juice for 1 person
300 kcal  
Almased® with Mint Almased® with Mint for 1 person
321 kcal  
Pink Lady Pink Lady for 1 person
328 kcal  
Almased® Tomato Cocktail Almased® Tomato Cocktail for 1 person
321 kcal  
Buttermilk Cocktail Buttermilk Cocktail for 1 person
324 kcal