Tasty, healthy recipes for diet drinks and shakes

Almased shakes and drinks

Boredom is a thing of the past – now your shakes are packed with taste! With just a few ingredients, your Almased shake becomes an exotic fruity treat, a seductive taste of the orient or a complete surprise. Choose from this selection of weight loss drinks and shakes at your whim.

Blue Wonder Blue Wonder for 1 person
355 kcal, 2,2 BE  
A Nutty Variation A Nutty Variation for 1 person
403 kcal, 2,2 BE  
An Earthy Shake An Earthy Shake for 1 person
363 kcal, 2 BE  
Almased Cocktail with Chocolate Almased Cocktail with Chocolate for 1 person
370 kcal, 2,25 BE  
Almased with Vanilla Almased with Vanilla for 1 person
350 kcal, 2,2 BE  
Almased with Bell Pepper and Chili Almased with Bell Pepper and Chili for 1 person
404 kcal, 2,9 BE  
Almased with Lime Almased with Lime for 1 person
364 kcal, 2 BE  
Coco-Cocktail Coco-Cocktail for 1 person
340 kcal, 2 BE  
Almased with cucumber Almased with cucumber for 1 person
353 kcal, 2 BE  
Almased with vegetable juice Almased with vegetable juice for 1 person
300 kcal, 1,5 BE  
Almased with Mint Almased with Mint for 1 person
321 kcal, 1,9 BE  
Pink Lady Pink Lady for 1 person
328 kcal, 2 BE  
Almased Tomato Cocktail Almased Tomato Cocktail for 1 person
321 kcal, 1,75 BE  
Buttermilk Cocktail Buttermilk Cocktail for 1 person
324 kcal, 2 BE