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Enjoy losing weight
with Almased

With Almased, losing weight isn’t just healthy and sustainable– it’s also enjoyable and full of variety! Almased is free from any artificial sweeteners or flavours, is neutral in taste, so you can prepare your Almased shakes and smoothies however you like. Whether you have a sweet tooth and like cinnamon or cocoa powder, prefer fruit smoothies with berries, or simply enjoy savoury shakes with spinach – you can try out a new shake every day. Let our delicious recipes serve as inspiration! We suggest to start with our Almased classic shake, but after the initiation phase you can start experimenting and trying different shakes. You will also begin introducing regular, balanced meals into the programme. Here we can help you choose your tasty and nutritious meals.

Important: Almased shakes containing fruits taste fresh and delicious however, the fructose contained in the fruit can slow down weight loss results. We recommend not adding fruit to the smoothies until after the initiation phase.