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benefits of meal replacements
benefits of meal replacements
What are the benefits of meal replacement shakes?

What are the benefits of meal replacement shakes?

Meal replacement shakes have gained attention in recent years mainly due to their effectiveness in controlling weight. Evidence has also shown that they are a highly beneficial tool for weight loss in the short term (3-5 months) and weight maintenance in the long-term (up to 4 years).

Studies have proven how meal replacements can result in clinically relevant weight reduction of between 10-15% body weight and subsequent health benefits with regards to obesity-related diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes. Current research has even shown how meal replacement programmes can help people with Type 2 diabetes achieve remission of their condition.

Why are meal replacement shakes good for weight loss?

Weight loss is about energy balance, in particular, creating an energy deficit. Meal replacement shakes have been formulated to be nutritionally sound and calorie-controlled (less than 250 calories per meal) with the intention of reducing total daily calorie intake. Importantly, they are also satiating, mainly due to the high amounts of protein they generally contain. Fortified with vitamins and minerals, they also provide optimum levels of essential nutrients which can be more nourishing than that of a typical daily meal.

Meal replacement programmes are simple, convenient and can be tailored to any lifestyle. Such diet regimes can also shape healthier eating habits for instance; following a diet programme can make you more aware of correct portion sizes and healthier food choices. These habits can become part of a person's daily routine following completion of a meal replacement programme and can result in healthy long-term weight maintenance.

So, why choose Almased?

  • Contains high-quality nourishing natural ingredients: soya, yogurt and enzyme-rich honey.
  • Less than 230 calories per serving and provides all essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Satiating due to its nourishing ingredients and optimum protein content.
  • Natural; no artificial flavours, fillers, preservatives or stimulants.
  • Our 14-Day and Long-Term diet plans are simple and convenient to follow and can be tailored to any weight loss goal.
Benefits of meal replacement shakes

17. May 2019