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Manuela K.
Manuela K.
I mix myself an Almased shake every morning and don't feel hungry until lunchtime
Manuela from Bonn

Don't eat less, just better

Lose weight with the Almased shake

I would always eat chocolate and for years my weight had not fallen below 10 ½ stones. I tried to eat less as a means of losing weight, but that never worked as I was constantly thinking about food and always felt hungry. I tried Almased® - I can honestly say that when I had it for breakfast, I did not feel hungry until lunchtime. My regular meals would consist of vegetables, along with either fish or chicken. I use Almased® daily for breakfast to maintain my weight loss. I also like how Almased® provides me with many vitamins and minerals.

* Remember weight loss is personal and results may vary

21. December 2017