Lose weight with the 4-phase diet

Less weight in the long term

Almased kick-starts your metabolism instead of starving your body, so you lose weight quickly and healthily. Follow these four phases to get your dream figure:

1. Starting Phase

In the Starting Phase, your metabolism is reset in order to crank up the fat burning process to the correct level. This is achieved by consuming Almased, vegetable broth and two to three litres of liquid a day.

2. Reduction Phase

In the Reduction Phase, fat is burned. Two Almased shakes and a low-carbohydrate main meal are consumed each day for the best results.

3. Stability Phase

This helps you to maintain your new weight long-term. Two meals plus one Almased shake stabilise your metabolism and prevent a yo-yo effect.

4. Life Phase

Get slim with Almased, even when you have finished the diet. In the Life Phase, you will continue to lose weight, but at a slower rate.
The 14-day programme

Losing weight with the 4-phase diet becomes even easier with the “Figure Plan”.

You can get the programme for free as a brochure at your pharmacy or as a download. You can also have the brochure mailed to you at no cost.

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