The Almased weight loss plan

Figure Plan - The 14-day program
Lose weight with the 4-phase plan
Your map to slimness with all the tips and recipes

This guides you through the four stages of slimming with Almased, gives you a nutritional plan for each individual day and also offers delicious, healthy and slimming recipes.


Initial phase Days 1-3

In the initial phase, the bodies system is reset. There are three Almased meals per day, plus vegetable broth, other foods should be avoided. Important: Drink 2 to 3 litres of fluid per day. Ideally the initial phase could start at the weekend.


Reduction Days 4-7

During the reduction phase the programme continues to work. 2 x Almased (breakfast and evening meal) and a low-carbohydrate meal each day is optimal. If it is more convenient to have an evening meal than a midday meal, you can swap these over: Please avoid snacks in between meals.


Stability Days 8-10

Two meals plus 1 x Almased (ideally in the evening): You do not have to follow the order of the recipes in the Figure Plan.


Living Days 11-14

Three delicious meals plus 1 x Almased nutrition drink (morning or evening). Even during the Living phase you will continue to lose weight, but a bit more slowly. For a greater weight loss the Reduction phase and the Stabilisation phase can be extended.