1 In scientific studies we have proven that Almased® is beneficial to the body, without breaking down muscle tissue.

With over 25 years of sceintific research and more than 35 clinical studies published in renowned scientific journals such as The International Journal of Obesity and The Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Almased®'s effectiveness in weight loss and maintenance has been firmly validated. Furthermore, this research has confirmed that Almased® reduces unhealthy body fat, while retaining lean muscle mass. Today, this significant finding is what sets Almased® apart from other meal replacements - preserving the body's muscle integrity is key to long-term sustainable weight maintenance.

Scientific findings:

-Throughout the Almased® weight loss programme, fat is reduced while essential muscle mass is retained1.

-After 6 weeks of replacing 2 daily meals with Almased®, greater weight loss was achieved using Almased® compared to a low fat, low calorie diet1,2:       

•    2 x more weight loss v a low fat, low calorie diet.
•    100% of the weight loss was fat, not muscle.
•    3 x greater reduction in waist circumference.


1. Deibert, P et al (2004). Intl. Journal of Obesity; 28(10):1349-52.
2. König, D et al (2008). Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism; 52(1):74-78.