1 Almased® Vitality-Tea

Almased® Vitality tea is the perfect complement to Almased®. This delicious loose leaf tea is a blend of selectively chosen herbs; whitethorn, elder blossom, marjoram, woodruff and celery. The tea is naturally caffeine free so it makes for the perfect drink to take at night time. The herbs can support circulation, stimulate digestion and increase kidney function to truly cleanse and detoxify the body. Try it for breakfast, in the evening or as an iced beverage anytime!


Almased® Shaker

Almased® Shaker

Using our Almased® shaker, you can mix your shakes in no time! Our German engineered high-quality shaker has a built in spiral wire for easy mixing to create a perfectly, smooth-tasting drink. The shaker is BPA free, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Our shaker is available at your local pharmacy.